Why do I only attract men who don’t want a serious story?

You’ve been looking for a stable, long-term relationship for a few years now. All your friends already have children and a ring on their finger. So you are eagerly waiting for your turn. Unfortunately, the only stories you’re following are one-night stands. Men are not indifferent to your charm, but they are not looking to make a commitment to you. You even have the impression of being a magnet for men who are not serious. So far, it is therefore impossible for you to hope for the love story you have always hoped for.

In the beginning, you’ve pointed the finger at the men you’ve dated. Then all the men all over the world. But as you go from one story to the next, you wonder if it’s not your fault. If it was only one man or two, it doesn’t make sense. But if all the men you plan to write a serious story with don’t want to get involved, it’s perfectly normal if you question yourself. Besides, I really would have done the same thing in your place.

Before you embark on a new love encounter, it is therefore better to understand why this situation only happens to you. In this article, I will help you understand why this is happening to you. Not only will I teach you to understand male psychology, but I will also give you a helping hand to identify any mistakes you may be making in your relationships. If you’re willing to fix the situation, it’s pretty easy to get out of it. I promise you that after following these few tips, you will only attract men who want a serious relationship.

Why don’t men want a serious relationship?

First on the list when it’s a one-night stand, but take the plunge as soon as a story starts to get a little more serious. Surely you’ve recognized your latest conquest in this definition. If you’re reading this article, it’s because this scenario happens to you all the time. Before you question yourself, it’s important for me that you know why things often happen like this? Why are men so afraid of commitment?

Fear of losing freedom

We women have a reputation for being very clingy, not afraid to get into a serious relationship quickly and having too many expectations. In short, men tend to think that women will cut off their freedom forever. And let’s be sincere, sometimes that’s the case. At first it will be a small toothbrush in the bathroom and the next week it will be clothes in his closet and without him realizing it, we are already totally part of his daily life.

Is this a normal attitude?

Yes, fear of freedom is a normal attitude. Especially if things go too fast. He is used to soccer parties with his friends when he is single. Overnight, he has to spend his weekends in front of the couch watching movies. You may not mind upsetting your daily routine to spend time with your man, but that’s not necessarily the case for him. Love and couple life are important, but so are friends, family and solitary moments.

Give him his freedom

If you want to have a serious relationship with a man who is not afraid to commit to you, you will have to give him his freedom. Don’t suffocate him! You need to find the right rhythm: for example, give yourself an evening alone once a week. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll find that your relationship will improve greatly. Let them know that even if you’re in a relationship, they still have a chance to have fun on their own.

Spend some time alone

Freedom is also about having adventures just for lovers. Whenever you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a little vacation at sea, for example. The aim is to free yourself from the daily routine and to de-stress together. Be careful though, this should be a decision for both of you. You should not impose anything on him.

The past

You may not realize it, but his past can also be a reason that prevents him from engaging in a serious story. A story that ended badly, a divorce, a heartbreaking break-up, infidelity… whatever the reason, it can be a real blockage. And without meaning to, you’re the one on whom it all falls.

Don’t make the same mistakes again

Sooner or later, you will feel that your man has had a not very happy relationship in his past. And if you’re involved enough, he’ll even be able to tell you how he feels about the situation. In this case, don’t rush things. Just be patient and don’t hold it against him. If he still doesn’t want to get involved, it’s because he still has wounds from that traumatic memory. The solution is to discuss it with him and especially not to make the same mistakes that broke his heart.

Be yourselves

I told you not to make the same mistakes as the girl who couldn’t hold him back, but I’m not telling you to be a different person. If you really want to have a good love story, you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t play any roles and don’t hide parts of your personality that you don’t like. On the contrary, show yourself the way you are. If he decides he doesn’t want to commit to you, you won’t lose anything.

Let time do the work

It is very frustrating to wait for him to make up his mind, to finally commit. Only, you have to know that if he still has wounds that don’t heal, he can’t move forward. So let time do its work. Don’t force him to make a commitment or to open up to you. Sooner or later, things will work themselves out. But is this relationship really worth it? That is the question.

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