How do you know if he is in love with you? 20 signs that he’s in love

He asks you very personal questions
When a man is in love, he is interested in meeting someone else. From his tastes and interests to his future plans. This not only lets him know what you have in common but also helps him get to know you better.

So if a guy tells you that he enjoys spending time with you and asks you personal questions, he is likely to be romantically interested. What do you like to do in your free time? Have you ever met anyone? When was your last date? These are the questions a man in love asks.

Pay attention to what others don’t notice
Guys in love pay attention to every detail about the girl they like. It doesn’t matter if it’s something trivial. All they want is to be with that special someone. For this reason, you should watch their body language. If he copies your gestures, phrases or movements, it is because he is interested in you and knows you very well.

In fact, if she gives details of any conversation they have, it means that she has listened to you carefully. The same applies if you notice small changes in your appearance. Like a new haircut or wearing a different perfume.

He wants to know everything about you
When a guy is attracted to another person, his attitude changes. He will always be ready to pay special attention to you; and for this reason you will want to know a lot about her.

If he doesn’t just ask personal questions, but is also interested in what you like, what your favourite activities are and even the date of your birthday, it means that he likes you.

He’s worried that you’re okay
When a man is in love, he cares about the well-being of his beloved; and men are no exception. So if the guy you’re interested in is kind, careful and considerate, you’re in luck. Most likely, he loves you too.

You don’t have to worry to the end. No one wants to date a jealous and overprotective guy. It is enough that he is attentive and respectful to let you know how important and necessary you are in his life.

He wants to spend time with you
One of the most important qualities to know if a guy likes you is to notice if he likes spending time with you. For men, there is nothing like being with the woman of your dreams.

So if he calls you often and makes an effort to see you, that’s a good sign. Inviting you for coffee, a movie or dinner is a clear demonstration of how he wants to get to know you better. Appreciate their efforts and accept the challenge.

Suggest future plans
When a guy talks to you about his future projects and ambitions, it means he wants to involve you in them. Especially when those plans involve you directly. In fact, according to some psychologists, if a man starts talking to you about a possible future, it is a clear sign that he loves you.

But beware. You don’t have to think about marriage right away. It can be things in the medium to short term: for example, travelling or activities that you both enjoy. The idea is that they can get to know each other better and see if there is a possibility of a formal relationship.

He feels comfortable looking at you
If your date or potential partner likes to maintain long-term eye contact, it is because you are attracted to them. Most likely, he is watching your every gesture and expression because he is romantically interested in you.

Long-term relationships start with a pleasant look, many experts have noted. The idea is that it doesn’t become awkward and that you are prepared to return the gesture if the feelings are mutual.

See only your positive traits
They say that love is blind; and this sign is true When a man is in love, he never thinks about the flaws of the girl he likes. On the contrary, he always tries to highlight her virtues, qualities and strengths. The woman he loves will always be beautiful, lovely, intelligent and special.

Therefore, if your partner does not appreciate your body or personality flaws; and always criticises with the aim of helping you to be better, you have nothing else to analyse. That man is madly in love with you.

You are his priority
Would you like to know if the boy you love feels the same way about you? Every man in love puts his girlfriend first. Without forgetting himself, he can make her the centre of his universe and everything he does will be to please her. That is why you have to be very attentive.

Congratulations if your boy is trying to provide security and stability both financially and emotionally. You have won his heart. The best thing is that you will have someone who is willing to listen, understand and support you, whatever the situation.

miss you when you’re away
When a person is in love and has to break up with that special someone for whatever reason, it’s not easy. After all, the most difficult thing when someone is gone is the emptiness experienced when the other leaves.

That is why, believe it or not, men in love also miss the girl of their dreams. So if he likes you, he’ll do anything to be near you. If he can’t get it, he’ll at least try to show you how much he misses you anyway.

He is always available
Since time immemorial, human nature has perceived men as the protective sex. People who can solve any difficulty to protect their special girl. That’s why most women dream of the possibility of having their own superhero. The one who is always ready to come to the rescue when trouble strikes.

That’s why a man in love is capable of this and much more. You’ll stop whatever you’re doing in that moment to give the woman of your dreams your help, comfort, support and guidance.

It contains details
When a man loves a woman or is just about to conquer her, he will want to constantly surprise her. Your intention will be to show him how important you are to him. That’s why small gifts are an indisputable sign of his love for you.

It’s not about receiving expensive gifts or invitations to dine in fancy restaurants, but a detail that makes you feel special. A simple good morning message, a compliment on how you look or a gentlemanly manner is enough.

He wants to impress you
When guys are in love or want to win the girl of their dreams, they always try to impress her. Your intention is to show yourself bold, cool, interesting and even daring.

That’s why you should pay a lot of attention to their gestures and attitude. If a guy you’re friends with starts saying planned things to impress you, or brags about what he’s going to do at the weekend to get your attention, he’s probably in love with you.

Value your opinion
As you know, communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Women love to express their thoughts and emotions and most of them are not afraid to speak up when they don’t like something. That’s why a man in love knows how to appreciate every single thing his special girl says to him.

For this reason, if the boy you like pays attention to your words, is able to understand you, is not afraid to give you advice, but above all respects your ideals, you are lucky. He probably loves you as much as you do.

He introduces you to his friends or family
When a guy talks about you to his friends and family and even proudly introduces them, this is an undeniable sign of love. Believe it or not, this means one thing: he wants to include you in his life. Since they are the main part, their goal is to show you as much as possible.

If, on top of that, he likes to talk about how attractive, funny, interesting and brilliant you are in front of them, you have won his heart. Appreciate this confidence and enjoy every moment with your boy’s friends and family.

He’s interested in your hobbies
An important sign that a man likes you is when he starts taking an interest in your hobbies and interests. For example, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like yoga or if you watch romantic films. He will never show it to you and won’t want to knock you down for it.

On the contrary, he will find it interesting to discover what you like in all these activities. What’s more, it will become interested in the same, justifying spending more time with you. Or simply because she wants to see you happy.

He doesn’t mention or see other girls
A clear sign that will let you know if a man likes you in a special way is his attitude towards you compared to the rest. For example, if he talks to you in the same way he talks to anyone else, then he is not interested.

But if, on the other hand, he is flirtatious and when he is with you he avoids looking at other women or mentioning them, perhaps he likes you more than you think. After all, a boy in love will always do anything to show that you are unique and special in his life.

trust you
Trust is one of the main signals to know that someone really likes you. If your partner or the guy you’re dating trusts you enough to tell you even the most personal things, he’s definitely in love with you.

After all, when someone is honest in this way, it means that they feel comfortable around you and want you to support them in their most difficult moments.

Remember that no one dares to tell even the most insignificant details of their life to someone who doesn’t care about them.

smiles at you often
When a man is with someone who drives him crazy, it feels so good that he unconsciously reflects that happiness. After all, admiration and attraction cause the brain to release a host of chemicals linked to a man’s mood.

A genuine smile is therefore an indisputable sign that that special boy thinks differently of you. Especially when you notice that he smiles for no apparent reason. It only shows that your presence makes him feel good.

Respond immediately to your messages
There’s nothing more annoying than talking to someone by message and taking the time to respond. Things get worse when he finally writes to you and his reply doesn’t seem to show any interest in the subject.

However, when a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will follow your activity on social networks. This is with the intention of saying hello or talking about something that might interest you. So if that special guy is looking for a way to stay in touch with you at all times, chances are he really likes you.