How can you tell he’s your soulmate? 10 sings

Everyone knows the legend of soulmates. It is said that before the dawn of mankind as we now know it, the earth was populated by perfect, androgynous beings with two heads, four arms and four legs but only one heart. Thus, no one was ever alone and everyone was happy. The false gods became jealous of people’s happiness and thought they didn’t deserve it.

That is why, from high in the sky, they sent lightning bolts that separated happy beings into two, men on one side and women on the other. They took their minds and made them stop recognizing each other and then made them search for each other all their lives. Although the story is a simple legend from the beginning of time, the truth is that people feel the need for love and most of us do not lose hope in love, even if we will have disappointments along the way.

Sometimes it seems that true love is right in front of us, sometimes it takes us by surprise. Here are a few signs that your love for each other is deep, true and will last until the end of time.

True love cannot be forced.
It comes naturally, completely naturally and from the heart, not as a result of a partner’s pressure and insistence. Of course, such complex feelings do not happen overnight and require not only desire and openness but also certain efforts and compromises from both partners. Even if in books and movies it seems that love is born from a glance, in real life love has to be built.

When one partner gives, they do so unconditionally.
Love is not a bargain or a negotiation. As long as all gestures come from the heart and with the good of the relationship in mind, it can only be healthy.

True love is not without pain and suffering.
Either partner may annoy or hurt the other, but that doesn’t mean they love them any less or want to hurt them. Of course, we are not considering extreme situations where one partner is emotionally or physically abusive, but the pain caused by mistakes that occur in any balanced relationship. Because we are all human, each of us can make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we love our partners any less.

True love involves sacrifice and compromise on the part of both partners.
In order to find the middle ground and ways in which both partners can be reconciled, surely in every relationship there will come a time when both partners must be open to compromise. The problem arises when one of them is not willing to do this for the sake of their partner and wants, for selfish reasons, the other to sacrifice.

Each of the two partners will go out of their way to make the other happy without expecting to be rewarded in any way,
other than the love and appreciation of their loved one.

When a relationship is based on true love
both partners will make promises and keep their word, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone.

True love does not require the two to act as one.
Of course, time spent together strengthens the relationship but each of the two needs to spend time in other ways, with friends or family. As long as one of them tries to completely take over the other’s life, it’s definitely not true love.

Great love is built on trust and communication.
It’s probably the biggest cliché used when it comes to relationships but that doesn’t make it any less true. Without trust in each other and the ability to openly discuss any problems that arise, any relationship is doomed to failure. As brutal as it sounds, true love cannot work without these two cornerstones.

True love fights against all odds.
As long as two people are happy together, nothing can stand in the way of their love story. If the obstacles that arise cannot be overcome from the start, this does not mean that they cannot be bypassed. One way or another, love will always find a way.

When two partners really love each other,
they share not only the happy moments, but also each other’s pains and, together, try to overcome them.