If you hear these words from him, you have cause for alarm

There are phrases that every woman longs to hear from her man. These words make you gush with happiness… But, in fact, some romantic phrases can be potentially dangerous, psychologists warn. If you dig deeper and think about their true meaning, then you’ll realise there really is cause for alarm.

“I can’t live without you.”
Sounds sweet, even very sweet. You’re lucky he’s so madly in love with you. But that probably means you are the center of his universe. Do you think he’ll let you go easily if you suddenly decide to leave? Or, more likely, will he just get unbearably jealous, want to control everything in your life, and won’t let you go almost anywhere alone?

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
That’s super. But not if you’ve just started going out – then it’s a bad sign. Only an immature person would rush out with words like that. Lovely phrase, but only if you already know each other well. In case you’re just starting a relationship it’s just … embarrassing. To say the least. Alternatively, the man wants something from you at all costs and says those words with the sole purpose of getting his way.

“I’m not good enough for you.”
After all those self-righteous men who think they’re the best, an admission like that can stir the depths of the soul. After all, this man finally sees and appreciates your true worth. And is aware of your shortcomings. But is his self-esteem too low? If he is emotionally insecure, then sooner or later he will begin to project his complexes onto you.

“I want us to be together every day.”
Hit the jackpot? Maybe. Or maybe this man just doesn’t have a life of his own outside of your relationship? Or does he want to control you completely? Keep one thing in mind.

“Only you can save me.”
Now that’s heartbreaking… Maybe you consider yourself a super woman who can solve all the problems and help this guy. But, unfortunately, this is just and attempt at emotional manipulation. Even if you want to leave him, you will feel obligated to stay. It’s like he’s putting his life and the responsibility for it on your shoulders. And quite consciously.

“I love you, but in my own way.”
Actually, he just doesn’t love you enough, that’s why he hides behind such a pompous phrase. Rest assured – if a man really loves you, you will feel it. You will feel it necessarily. So don’t fall for this cheap manipulation.