How To Look Beautiful Woman

“I never judge women who want a better life. Just as I never understood men, who always said that women only needed money…Whereas men never miss a beautiful, well-groomed woman who wears an elegant dress, has beautiful hair and well-groomed hands. They say beauty demands sacrifice. Not true! Beauty demands money!” Karl Lagerfeld

The legendary Karl Lagerfeld, known to all fashionable ladies, has often said that he does not condemn women who want to look good, expensive and elegant. He blames men who claim that beauty needs sacrifice. It’s an illusion – beauty needs money. Every man likes to admire his partner happy, in a beautiful outfit and with a smile on her face.

To always look good requires money, time and skills. With the help of some tips, you will be able to create the perfect outfit and an expensive image.

Your own style
Every woman should have her own style. Never count on an abundance of rhinestones, embroidery or other decorative elements to make you more attractive. If you overdo these elements in your clothing, you risk looking ridiculous. An outfit should be perfectly combined and the elements well balanced. Pretty accessories should be chosen tastefully, highlighting a woman’s beauty.

In your outfit there must be a detail that gives it uniqueness. You can use some original accessories, tie a scarf nicely or wear a pair of sunglasses.

A beautiful woman is a well-groomed woman
You have to take care not only of things, but also of yourself. Smooth, clean skin, beautifully groomed hair and a perfect manicure can say much more about a woman than an expensive brand that is worn with insistence. Clothes should be clean, well pressed and beautifully styled. It is important to wear the right size clothes. Avoid trying on a pair of jeans two sizes too small and don’t wear sweaters that are too baggy. Although these are just details, they can ruin the whole look. If a coat doesn’t fit by size, don’t wear it. If possible, go to a workshop and have it made to your own size. The pattern of the coat also matters a lot. Choose those patterns that will accentuate beautiful shapes and hide shortcomings.

Quality is the key to success
The notorious brand of the coat will not give you a stylish outfit. A woman with a replica of a branded bag, standing at a bus stop in a very small town, looks strange and even ridiculous to say the least. Don’t always be on the hunt for everyone’s well-known logos. Focus only on the quality of the product.

Stylish jewellery
Jewellery doesn’t have to be cheap. It should look stylish and original. Under no circumstances wear replicas of branded jewellery. You risk depriving your outfit of style and good taste. If a piece of jewellery attracts the attention of others, it must necessarily be quality and original. Stylish earrings and a pendant will give your outfit a contemporary style and aristocratic air.

A stylish classic outfit
Classic outfits will always be current. If you want to look stylish in a classic outfit, you need to draw attention to the quality of the garment. Don’t skimp on the quality of the fabric. A dress made of synthetic fabric will never look expensive and stylish. It will not accentuate femininity and will not give the outfit elegance. Look at the difference in the picture below.

Artificial fur
Nowadays, artificial fur is the choice of many women. It is not at all shy to wear it. It’s important to remember one rule: artificial fur doesn’t have to be a cheap imitation of a luxury fur. Choose beautiful colours and original shapes – this work will show that even if the fur is artificial, the woman wearing it has very good taste.

Quality decoration
Many stylish coats are of a very simple pattern. Here, you can add to the outfit some beautiful and massive, but qualitative accessories.

Current trends
Fashion trends change every season. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush to the store and completely change your wardrobe every time. Already in a few months they may lose their popularity. You need to choose those garments that emphasise your originality and your own style.

Quality, not quantity
Many women are familiar with the situation when there’s no room in your wardrobe but you have nothing to wear. This is the main mistake. It’s not worth relying on the quantity of clothing items. What really deserves attention is quality. Clothing should accentuate your taste, style and individuality.

Stop in time
In everything there is a limit. Don’t use an inordinate amount of jewellery or cosmetics. Turning yourself into a glittering Christmas Tree will deprive you of style and elegance. Create a perfectly balanced image, where the details complement each other.

Present yourself beautifully
You need to know how to present yourself beautifully. Don’t opt for uncomfortable clothes – they will ruin the whole image. Clothing should be worn with self-confidence. Keep your back straight, look towards the horizon and smile. Be an interesting interlocutor, keep your manners, learn to have an ironic attitude not only to everyone around, but also to yourself – this will attract people to you.

Although these rules are known to every woman, they happen to be forgotten. Keep them in mind, be stylish and individual. Let others admire you.