13 signs that you are destined to be together

Love doesn’t happen immediately when a man and woman meet. Often times the two have to go through a bunch of trials first to realize that they are actually meant to be together.

It is said that each of us has our soulmate, but not everyone manages to find it. If you have been lucky enough to do so, then you have found the one you are meant to be with. Sometimes it takes time to figure that out. And if you’re still in doubt, we suggest you check out the clear signs that you’re made for each other.

Not only passion, but also concern
Very often, these two feelings are not present at the same time. You may feel overwhelming passion, but that’s the end of it. However, true love is not just a physical attraction. If you really feel it, you should deep in your heart feel concern for your person, want to make him happy. But not out of pure altruism, no. Just when he is happy, you are happy too!

Yes, in spite of the skeptics, true love exists! And if you are truly meant to be together, then love will find a way to bring you together.

Consider him your confidant
You have trusted him with all your secrets and you are comfortable sharing with him. The reason you do this is because you trust him more than anyone else in this world. This trust is one of the key components of a long-term relationship.

You don’t want him to change because he’s perfect the way he is
You love and respect him the way he is. You don’t need him to change. There may be some things about him you don’t particularly like, but you love him for who he is.

It is easy for you to be yourself with him
No need for pretense. You’re not afraid to show yourself in your true light. When he’s around, you can just be yourself. You don’t worry about doing something he might not like. And it’s all because he accepts you completely too.

You can communicate even when you’re silent
As long as you’re together, you don’t have to talk about anything all the time. The two of you can just sit down and quietly go about your business, enjoying each other’s company. This speaks to the strength of the relationship between you.

You’re not jealous of him
You give him the freedom to spend time with his friends. And you don’t get jealous if he is seeing girlfriends because you are sure of his devotion. This is one of the clearest indicators of true love – when jealousy is absent. And not because you are not jealous by nature, but simply because you feel you are the one for him. And that you have no competition. That’s why you’re completely at ease. Jealousy has no place between the two of you, you love each other truly.

You breathe freely around him because he gives you freedom
You don’t limit him and he doesn’t limit you. You notice no signs of possessiveness or attempts to control you. A sense of comfort and stability are the key elements of a lasting relationship.

You are not afraid to confront him
You both respect each other’s opinions. You’re not afraid to stand up to him because you know it’s part of life and he’ll still accept and understand you. Your objections or disagreements will not become the cause of a quarrel.

You try to iron out your differences
You understand that having disagreements in a relationship is normal. You’d rather deal with them together than fight. You always try to find solutions to your problems instead of obsessing over them. This harmony brings stability to your relationship.

You can imagine a future with him
When you both make plans for the future, the other is invariably present in them. It’s hard to imagine your life without him!

You are still together, despite quarrels and misunderstandings
Quarrels and misunderstandings are present in every relationship. What matters is how you both deal with them. If there have been many situations in your life when you have quarreled and didn’t get along, but in the end you still managed to resolve the issues and stayed together, this is a clear sign that you are meant for each other. And the bond between you will grow even stronger as the years go by.

You have no reason to want to be with him other than that it brings you great joy
You love him not because you need him, but because you enjoy his company. The joy that this partnership brings is exactly the feeling you need to want to live your whole life with someone.

You are honest with each other
You’ve probably made mistakes in the past and done things that he might not like. But you’re not afraid to admit it to him. And he appreciates your honesty.

You can’t even think of going out with another man
There may have been times when you seriously considered leaving him, but you stayed together. And all because you just can’t imagine yourself with someone else.