How to tell if a man wants you: 10 clear signs

Every woman dreams of being desired, but not everyone is ready to openly declare their attractiveness to the world. “Is he interested in me or are we just friends?” is a question that plagues many ladies and keeps them in suspense. How to find out the truth? What are the signs that indicate that a man wants a woman? That he is in the thrall of passion and is willing to literally anything to get her?

What are the nonverbal signs that do not lie
A man may have reasons to hide his feelings – to fear rejection and to keep quiet, but the body cannot lie. It plays by its own rules and is “more honest” than language.

What does the body say to the man?
If a man wants a woman, he will find it difficult to conceal the signs. His body will be turned towards you, his chest and shoulders will be erect, his torso – slightly inclined towards the object of his desire. Palms – wet. And because a storm is raging inside him, he will probably be sweating. Perhaps he will diligently wipe his hands with a napkin or directly in his pants, and he will do this completely unconsciously.

The look of the interested man
If you constantly catch his gaze on you and notice that it lasts for more than three seconds, then you should know that it’s no accident. This is how men look at the woman they are trying to figure out and her personality seems to absorb all of their attention.

The gaze of the interested man will slide, moving from his eyes to his lips and chest. At the same time his pupils will be dilated. There are, of course, exceptions if, for example, he has vision problems. But even in that case the pupils will still be dilated.

The air is starting to run out
When a man wants a certain woman, suddenly in her presence he stops getting enough air. He may even loosen his tie or unbutton the top button of his shirt. This is the natural reaction of the body.

Thirsty lips
Also, he will be thirsty. At least that’s the impression people around him will have. He will lick his lips, often biting them. The reason is in the hormones that play in a man’s body when he is next to a woman he desires strongly.

Seemingly calm
He will worry. If you are very nice to him, then he will find it even harder to cope with his own excitement. His emotional state will be expressed through gestures. He may continually fidget with something in his hands, play with his watch, keys, lighter or just tap the table. And again all this completely unconscious.

His voice caresses and enchants
Yes, scientists have proven that the low male voice is associated among the fair physical contact with masculinity, strength, willpower. By lowering his voice, a man is trying to show that he is worthy of the lady of his heart.

When he speaks to the woman he likes, the timbre of his voice involuntarily changes. It sounds low and velvety, as if enveloping and enticing, hypnotizing and charming the partner, so that she stops noticing everything around and hears only his voice.

The man is able to find the most banal topics of conversation and discuss as long as possible. And if his number is leading the list of your incoming calls, then you can be sure that you have become the object of strong attraction.

Words, words, more words
It’s also worth paying attention to the conversation itself. The first sign that a man is trying to win you over is jokes. He will try to demonstrate his sense of humor, because he knows that if he manages to make a woman laugh, he has already won 50% of her sympathy.

And when the goal is achieved, all means will be used. The second sign is that the words and jokes will have a hidden subtext. Thus, the man will try to hint at his attitude to the lady, and at the same time “grope the ground” for the limits of what is allowed.

I am the man here
In the presence of a woman he likes, the man will try to take the lead. He wants to be more visible. Because of this, he will change his posture and gestures.

Most often in such situations, men in love touch their belt, keep their hands in their pockets, but so that the thumbs are on the outside. This posture allows you to demonstrate confidence and attract a woman’s attention to your genitals. Subconsciously, of course. No room for insults.

Passing the “you”
This characteristic can also be called “conquering the territory”. The man will try to enter the physical contact area. His invasion can take place in many ways. He may lean in close and “confidently” say something. He may fix an item of clothing, such as a dress strap or a loose lock of hair. If the atmosphere is not formal, then the man will try to find a reason to stay alone, touch the woman’s hand, ask her to dance.