How to convince a man that you are perfect for him

We all know it’s much easier to attract a man compared to keeping him. And if you have already attracted the attention of the one you want to spend your life with, the task of keeping him comes up. This is exactly the topic we’re going to talk about now, to learn what we need to do to convince a man that we’re his perfect match!

That he won’t find a better one. That we were meant to be together. And that this is the situation!

Do not show that you are afraid of losing him
By no means. Because if you do, the very thing you most fear will happen. Don’t be in a hurry to change to make yourself more comfortable for him. It won’t be understood the way you want. On the contrary. You’ll only show him that you don’t value yourself. And no man wants to be with a woman like that.

Never let him think you’re afraid of competition
Don’t live like a hermit. An active, educated and successful man is certainly surrounded by many people. Including beautiful women. Colleagues, business partners, you name it. If you are constantly jealous and afraid that one of them will not “steal” it, it will show your beloved your own insecurities. And eventually you will urge him to find another woman. Remember that beauty is a relative concept. It is in the eye of the beholder, as the great A. С. Exupery. Remember that it is not only looks that define beauty. It is the way of behaving, the manners, the way of expressing oneself, all these have an influence. A “competitor” may seem very dangerous, but, in fact, she may be full of flaws and pose no threat. And after all, he is with you, isn’t he? Of his own free will. He’s had the opportunity to get to know and get close to all the other women in his entourage and yet he hasn’t. So, take it easy!

If you want to keep him, let him go.
This trite truth has not lost its value over the years. We used to write it in our school lexicons, and now that we’re adults, we have to put it into practice in our lives. If a man feels confined, he will struggle with all his might to get out of the “trap.” Freedom is a primal human right. Let him feel free because that is one of the conditions that will keep him with you. Paradoxical as it may sound!

If you constantly want to know where your man is at every minute of the day, it’s terribly annoying. Both for him and for yourself. Just live your life, enjoy your relationship and don’t think bad things. This is also the place to remind that the more indifferent you seem, the more he will fight for your attention.

Always be one hundred percent sure of your own attractiveness
This way he will take you as a reward and not as a given. Strive to boost your self-esteem every day by taking care of your health, body and education. You should not doubt your exceptionalism for a moment.

Let it be slightly … dissatisfied
Don’t please him about everything. Because the less a man gets, the more he wants. Keep him slightly “hungry” to stimulate his “appetite”. The loot that rolls itself into the hands does not bring joy!

Joke at every opportunity
But, mind you, we’re talking about jokes, not sarcasm. No offensive innuendo. Just pure, unadulterated humor.

Be his lover, not his mother
It is true that almost every man is looking for a woman, a likeness of his mother. But don’t tie yourself to that. Mother is associated with control and boredom. You don’t want to be that for him, do you?

By stepping into the role of mother, you are pushing him to behave like a child, and he is the man – the man who is supposed to be your support and protect you through all the obstacles you have yet to overcome as a couple.