4 signs that his “serious” intentions are a fake and a fraud

It’s very frustrating to learn these. He pretends to have serious intentions, but it turns out that’s not the case at all. Psychologists explain to us the most common false signs of a man’s “serious” intentions. Pay attention to them and protect yourself from the pain and suffering that awaits all deluded ladies who allow themselves to be tricked.

There are many things to pay special attention to when meeting a man if we hope to create a long-term relationship. One of the most important is to understand exactly what this man expects from us and so we don’t fall into the trap of delusions and imagined happiness.

If he behaves gallantly and mannerly, it does not mean he is in love
If he is too gallant and polite, be on your guard. There are really well-mannered men who can impress anyone with their gallantry and sincere show of respect for a woman. But … they are so few that to come across one is a miracle. Most often, mercantile men play on this string in order to get something. And as soon as they achieve it, the mask of decency falls away and what it reveals is unlikely to please you at all. Suddenly, the man who is always ready to come to the rescue turns out to be gone. Always bear in mind that this possibility exists and no one is immune from falling into the clutches of a skilled manipulator. And if it turns out otherwise, if time confirms that this man is indeed sincere, so much the better! You will have to thank the universe wholeheartedly for the gift.

Openness and sociability – the two most common fakes
There are men who don’t mind talking to women and communicating with strangers in general. It’s just innate to them and they do it with enviable ease. They seem like nice and interesting individuals who always manage to find a common language with you. Many ladies who do not know such men sometimes perceive their behavior as something more than what it really is.

Of course, in such behavior there may indeed be a genuine interest in your personality, but there may not be an ounce of infatuation, let alone love. It’s just that this person is sociable with everyone. In order not to pay dearly and too dearly with hurt feelings, pay attention to how the man communicates with the rest of his entourage. A woman often mistakenly thinks that pleasant communication with a lot of laughter is an exception, a gift from the man only for her. That is why psychologists advise not to rush, but just to observe the man a little more carefully. There is a danger that you will begin to put feelings, and, in fact, on the opposite side there is nothing.

The pathological downloader and his compliments
Many men like to compliment women. They have adopted this style of behavior because it allows them to communicate more easily with the opposite physical contact and get everything they want with ease. No lady remains indifferent to compliments. The pathological put-down man is aware of this and uses it to his advantage. Being told how beautiful your eyes are, how good you look in your outfit, how smart and well-read you are unfortunately means absolutely nothing. That is, it is not an indicator of romantic feelings.

Compliments can be both in correspondence and in person, but there is no difference. You shouldn’t take this too seriously.

Small gestures and their meaning
There are many women who mistakenly believe that a man is in love with them because he made some small gesture. Yes, it is true that we tend to help those we like more, but in order to talk about feelings and serious intentions, this “something” must be something special in his eyes. For example, if a very rich man makes small gifts or takes a woman to a restaurant, that is no reason for her to think she is the most special thing in his life. Maybe he enjoys the lady being with him, but to get serious about a relationship the gestures have to be more than just ones that don’t cost him any effort.

For example, if the man gave the woman the last thing he has. Or if he decides to put all his time, energy and enthusiasm into it. That’s when we can talk about love, because its a clear sign of his serious intentions.