“I love you, but I love myself more”. i.e. self-love in a relationship with someone else

Even if we love someone very much and cannot imagine life without him, we should not forget about ourselves. If we manage to maintain an identity and a certain independence in the relationship is a great success. Find out why it’s important to love yourself and how to nurture this love.

Self-love in a relationship with someone else
In a relationship with another person, we should not forget about ourselves. Self-love is not a bad thing, and prominent philosophers and thinkers have already emphasized this. Therefore, it is worth living according to the principle: , “I love you, but I love myself more”.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself
Self-love is the key to accepting yourself and taking care of your own needs without feeling guilty about it. It involves acceptance of one’s emotions and feelings and self-respect. It increases our self-esteem and self-acceptance. We become fulfilled in many areas of life. It can motivate us and push us into action. Give us strength to cope with difficult situations and stress.

How to strengthen self-love?
Self-love is the best way to create a successful and happy relationship. Therefore, find out how to take care of yourself every day.

Get to like yourself
Accepting yourself, your strengths and weaknesses will help you achieve peace, harmony and enjoy life. Remember that no one is perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes. Like yourself and others will too.

Appreciate yourself
Think positively, focus on your qualities and what you are good at. Think positively and go boldly through life. Don’t exaggerate your own flaws and weaknesses. Don’t dwell on failures, don’t think about what you failed at. Start appreciating yourself and noticing the best version of yourself.

Develop yourself
Don’t stop learning, remember that whoever doesn’t develop is standing still. It’s never too late to learn, so try new things and realize yourself. Do what makes you happy. Find time to develop your hobbies and interests.

Pamper yourself
Let yourself be pampered sometimes, also do nice things for yourself that give you pleasure. Focus on yourself. Put yourself first, take care of your needs and desires. Love yourself, and you will find that by doing so, others will also bestow love on you.