The Most Beautiful Wish For You, Woman

When you feel like you’re losing your confidence, when you feel like you’re just a leaf blown wherever the wind blows, but would do anything to become the strong woman you once were, read the letter below. Keep it in sight, never forget who you are!

For you, my dear friend,
Learn to be happy in your own world, in your present world, the one where you wake up every morning, regardless of the pain caused by those around you. They’re just pawns in this big game called life. Thank them! They have helped you evolve, grow, become stronger. Let them all into your life! No one and nothing can break an already broken heart anyway.

Don’t be afraid to lift your head up from the ground and open your heart! Let the pain inside you burn and scatter the ashes over seas and lands, take a deep breath and set off in search of your new soul.

Live your life! Live your dreams without fear! Love cannot come if you wait for it with sadness. So what if it hurts? So what if you’ve gone down so many times? Life is only one! Every time you go down, so many times you rise even higher.

We always have to choose, all of us. Now choose from the things you have and cherish them, enjoy them to the fullest, and later it will be time for the others!?

I wish you strength, courage and perseverance, may everyone behind you be like behind a wall. I wish you not to know sorrow and sadness, in you there is always hope alive. I wish you that every road in your life may be as short and smooth as possible, so that you may achieve success and keep it.

And, finally, I wish you to be confident and lucky, that in all that you start with success you finish. Happy Birthday!

Send this message to all the women you care about who, whether they are strong or not, need a reminder from time to time that they are wonderful.