Very often, some people look for a saviour in their partner. They are supposed to solve a whole range of issues we may be more or less aware of.

When looking for a rescuer, expectations are very high, and, most of the time, disappointments are also high.

What exactly is a person suffering from this syndrome looking for?

A person suffering from “rescuer syndrome” is looking for the following:

  • financial security
  • emotional security
  • social position
  • Why does a person end up looking for a saviour in a relationship?

The problems of such a person can be many, and the following can be mentioned for this purpose:

  • traumas related to the family of origin
  • trauma from former relationships
  • traumas related to interactions with others
  • post-traumatic shock
  • Can we say that a person suffering from this syndrome may also have other mental disorders?

In general, this syndrome may be accompanied by:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • bipolar disorder
  • Cyclothymia
  • personality disorders: paranoid, borderline, passive-aggressive, addictive We can also say that a person suffering from ‘rescuer syndrome’ has excellent problems with self-esteem, may be afraid of loneliness, or wants things without trying to get them themselves.

What can a person suffering from this syndrome do? Also, what can a person who discovers their partner has this problem do?

If we can admit to ourselves that we suffer from this syndrome, the best thing would be to see a psychologist. It is essential to find out what traumas or problems made us want a rescuer to devise a plan to discover our resources, ensuring our success independently of our partner. Or at least less dependent on them.

The indication is the same if we have a partner with this affliction. That of seeking specialist help. Because, more often than not, they are far from willing to admit that they have a problem.

Can such a problem be solved quickly?
As I wrote above, it depends on the factors that created this syndrome. It also depends on age, temperament, education, and character. As well as the other conditions associated with this syndrome. In general, we can say that the success rate can be pretty high. The important thing is to take the step of consulting a specialist so that we can discover our traumas and qualities, and abilities to succeed in achieving our dreams.