Your soul mate won’t come into your life when you want them to… but when your heart is ready to love genuinely.

If you’re searching for love and feel like nothing is changing, you’re running around looking for your soulmate, but you can’t find what you need… If you’re looking for love and seem to be losing hope because you’ve had nothing but disappointments lately… If you’re looking for love and are in a hurry to find it… I’ll ask you to be patient because love doesn’t come when you want it to arrive. Love will find you when your heart is ready to love genuinely.

Love is just around the corner.

Love wants to knock on your door.

Love wants to tell you not to give up… to keep patiently looking for it.

Love wants you to know that you matter. And it’s counting the moments, the minutes, the seconds until it meets you and shows you how happy it is that it has finally found you.

Love asks you not to get lost in inappropriate relationships. Don’t give up the fight to find your true soulmate. Don’t settle for less than you deserve just because you’re afraid of being alone. Don’t think some people aren’t meant to receive love… because that’s not true. Don’t assume you’ve fought enough. Don’t give up. Don’t take away your soul’s right to be truly happy.

Love doesn’t want you to give up. Love doesn’t want you to be down. Love doesn’t want you to accept less than you have to. Love doesn’t want you to be with someone you’re incompatible with.

Love knows the way to your heart. But it asks you to be patient… because you’re not ready to meet her yet. Your soul is not prepared to meet its mate. You have a little work to do. You still have lessons to learn. You have things to do just for yourself.

It would help if you rediscovered yourself. You need to figure out who you are, what you want out of life, your purpose on this earth, and what makes you happy. It would help if you felt genuinely fulfilled before you could be with your soulmate.

You have to understand that no one will come to heal you, make you feel complete, or make you happy. And when you know these things, when you are okay with yourself… then will knock on your soul’s door.

So, my dear… be patient. Work on yourself. Tape up the broken pieces, heal your heart, sort out your life and live more beautifully than ever. Love yourself enough to realize how valuable you are. And that’s when love will come… and it won’t come to save you because you don’t need saving anymore. It will become your lifelong partner, hold your hand, support you unconditionally, love you wholeheartedly and create the best memories.

The love you are about to meet is the most beautiful in the world. It will find you, believe me… and it won’t lose its charm over time… on the contrary, it will grow more robust, beautiful, and magical. It will be full of hope, happiness, sincerity, and maturity. It will be everything you need.