Relationship At The End? 7 Signs You Can Recognize It

almost everything about him annoys you

His laugh, his questions, his chewing – what you don’t even notice with other people, you can hardly stand with him.

you prefer to spend your time alone rather than with him.

The fact that you also need time for yourself and don’t always have to have him around is clear, absolutely normal and was already the case when you were still freshly in love. But in the meantime you can hardly wait to get rid of him again after a day together. When he cancels a date, you are secretly happy, and when he is away for a longer time, you feel no longing at all.

you don’t care if he cheats on you.

He’s looking at someone else and you don’t care? But not because you trust him so much, but because he can go to bed with her because of you? Oops! Then a clarifying (separation) conversation is probably called for! It is true that we should fight pathological jealousy, but a healthy jealousy is part of a healthy love relationship. Complete lack of jealousy can even be a stronger warning signal than infidelity and cheating.

you argue practically every day

Again, moderation is key here. Relationship problems and quarrels (and even fierce and more frequent) occur in every partnership. But if you hardly communicate with each other calmly and argue constantly, so that there is no time left for forgiveness and reconciliation, you should probably end the (war) relationship.

you agree on a break

The good old relationship break! You can try it, again and again if necessary, but in most cases a temporary breakup is the beginning of the end. After all, agreeing to a break is always a mutual admission: right now we just don’t make each other happy.

he tries to change you

“Can’t you loosen up? You’re always so uptight when we do things.” Well, if his presence doesn’t relax you … Nagging your partner and “suggesting changes” to your body or personality are a clear sign that love isn’t very strong anymore.

you rather imagine your future without him.

You think five years ahead and see yourself with children, in a certain city or professional position – but you don’t see him by your side? Maybe this should make you think. Sure, you can live in the here and now if you have things in common that connect you right now, or you just want to enjoy your time together (by the way, you can do that as a mingle, too). But if you don’t share the future with him in your imagination – maybe you are still subconsciously looking for a partner … (Or are you afraid of relationships?).