How can you save your relationship when everything seems to be falling apart?

There’s a saying that “reheated soup” doesn’t taste the same. When a couple’s relationship keeps breaking up and keeps getting renewed, everything else is at stake but love. When there is, there is. When it’s meant to be, things go by themselves, no strings attached.

For a variety of reasons – fear, loneliness, attraction, boredom – we dive headlong into relationships and ignore the little signs that warn us it’s not quite right. Then we get attached, we get used to it, and if he wanders off at some point, we sigh for days. A good friend had a saying: love is free as a bird. If I’m the one, it comes back to me. If it’s not, it moves on.

So, if he’s itching to leave or asking you for a break, let him. It’ll come back to you. After all, you want to spend your life with a man who loves you. Here’s how you can help him figure it out faster.

Keep your balance
Normal men don’t like hysterical, drama-making women. Show him that, although you regret his departure, you are a balanced person capable of keeping your composure even in difficult times. That’s the way the mother of his children would want to be.

Show that you understand his feelings and needs
No man likes a good kick in the pants and a me-too attitude. Neither does being treated like an object or puppy. People change and so do their lives. If your relationship is built and there is communication, you can show him that you understand his moment of confusion and that you respect his decision.

Be gorgeous
Don’t waste money on clothes and don’t dye your hair purple. Simply be the best version of yourself and make sure that this is seen by as many people as possible. Go out, socialise, fill the time you spend with him by doing things you enjoy or even learning something new.

Go on a trip
Even though he’s told you he wants freedom, he’ll still be tempted to get in touch with you. Going on a trip is one of the best ways to put distance between you and make him realize how much he misses you. Or not.