These habits can threaten your relationships. How you interact with the people around you can make you seem attractive or unattractive, friendly or very cold, open or harmful to those around you.

Here are some of the most common traits by which we alienate people and what we can do instead:

We are self-absorbed
The self-focused person is utterly oblivious to others. Chances are we don’t even realize we’re behaving this way. Yet this could be one of the main reasons why people turn away from us.

What to do: psychologists advise us to act involved in other people’s lives and talk less about ourselves and the events in our lives. We need to learn to take an interest in other people: to ask them questions, to pay attention to what they say, to be there for them when they need us.

We are insecure
Suppose we constantly need someone to give us the ok on a decision, solve our problems or bring comfort to our lives. In that case, we may be insecure, needing continuous support and validation.

What we need to do: is work harder on ourselves. It’s time to learn to love ourselves for who we are. To change what we want to change so that we become better people, to learn to listen to our intuition, to know how to say “NO,” and, most importantly, to stop letting anyone influence us.

We are envious
Jealousy is often a complicated feeling that destroys relationships. Envy also prevents us from living as we want to because we waste time focusing on what others are doing.

What we need to do: we need to learn to bring gratitude into our lives. We need to thank the Universe for what we have and for all the blessings it offers. Let us remind ourselves that life is not a competition with anyone and that we should not measure our progress. It is time to live the best life we can for ourselves, and that’s it.

We victimize ourselves
The most unpleasant person in a group is the one who constantly plays the victim. Everyone faces problems, we’ve all been through challenging situations and significant trauma, but that doesn’t mean we have to complain our whole lives about what happened to us.

We must find the strength to close the painful chapter, learn the lessons and move on. We need to stop mourning what happened to us. Let’s know to heal our wounds so we can enjoy the present.

We praise ourselves
We are self-centered and brag to ourselves non-stop. No one wants to know how much you put down on the house you live in or how many digits your bank account has.

We need to learn to be humble and not allow money or success to change us and alienate us from the people we care about.

We lack empathy for others.
Empathy is essential in mature and beautiful relationships. It is important to have compassion for those around us. Let’s not be insensitive to other people’s problems because we alienate them from us.

What we have to do: when a person is going through a difficult time, we do our best to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their situation. Sometimes we must dig pretty deep to find compassion in our souls. If we can, it would be good to lend a helping hand.

We are pessimists
No one wants to be around people who always see things’ downside and think the worst.

What we have to do: it’s time to adjust our attitude. Pessimistic people are not happy because they focus on the wrong things in life. We need to be grateful for what we have, live in the present, and appreciate the small and simple things.