10 Signs That You Are In A Healthy Relationship

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of bad relationships, but now you might finally feel like you’ve found the right one. Here’s a checklist of signs that you’re in a healthy relationship. Read and tick off the points!

You have separate interests
You may love movies and art while your partner is super interested in history and wine. If you have different interests, you can remain independent and your own person. You can develop in your interests and have time to spend some time by yourself. If you are in a relationship it doesn’t mean you have to live the same life, just make sure the most important part of your life is the same. Your different interests will also keep you curious about each other.

You’re not secretly hoping he’ll change his mind
If you’re in a happy relationship, you don’t go around hoping that “one day they’ll stop throwing their dirty underwear everywhere” or “soon they’ll start loving hanging out with my family”. Instead, you’re thinking “good thing they picked up their underwear today”.

You complement each other
You have your feet on the ground while your partner is floating on air, you bring your partner down to earth and your partner makes you more impulsive. You give and take from each other. You are good at baking and your partner can cook. You simply complement each other in life and when one is sad the other is comforting.

You are a team
You make plans together and talk about the future together. You take each other into account when making plans and, above all, you respect each other.

You laugh together
A good laugh prolongs life and also your relationship. Happy couples laugh a lot and often. They have inside jokes, laugh at embarrassments, mishaps and yes, at everything really.

You fight
You can argue and you know that your relationship is not over because you had a big fight. If you are in a healthy relationship you are open with your feelings and if something bothers you, you say so straight away.

You share responsibility
It’s not just you or your partner who does the washing up, but you share equally in all responsibilities around the home. Picking up the kids, paying the bills and vacuuming. You make sure no one feels like they’re doing everything.

You can tell each other EVERYTHING
You’re not afraid to show vulnerability in front of your partner and you can tell them you’re really sorry because you’ve run out of chocolate just as you’re having your period. You don’t judge each other for anything and you can be completely honest with each other. Your partner knows you best in the world.

You know where you have each other
You trust each other 100 percent and you don’t get game when your partner hasn’t responded to a text you sent two hours ago. You’re also not worried when they’re out with their friends and your partner trusts you.

You support each other
A key to a happy and healthy relationship is that you are each other’s biggest fan. When things are going well, you cheer and cheer; when things aren’t going at all as planned, you pick up the scraps, support and cheer. No matter what happens in life, you know your partner is always on your side.