5 steps to heal from a jealousy

Learn to see yourself as you are and accept yourself fully!

I admit, I’m guilty. I’ve bitten into this apple until my teeth have been pulled out and I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not a night owl nor a club addict though, there was a time when I would go out every Friday and Saturday just because he, my ex-boyfriend, was playing music. The place was swarming with beautiful girls, how could I stay home?

Until I realized that I could watch him on weekend nights but not on weekdays when he was at work and that my attitude wasn’t nourishing the relationship, quite the opposite. The problem wasn’t the girls in the club, the problem was me. If you recognize yourself in this description, don’t worry. Healing from jealousy isn’t as hard as people say. Here’s what you can do.

Cultivate your self-confidence
It’s impossible to trust someone else as long as you don’t trust yourself. If you constantly lie to yourself and don’t keep your promises to yourself, you will project this image onto those around you, especially your lover. Be yourself a person you can rely on.

Love yourself
Learn to see yourself as you are and accept yourself fully. Appreciate every gift that nature has endowed you with, but also what can be perceived as a defect. That can be your charm or a quality disguised as a …flaw. Perceive yourself as a whole, beyond your physical body. You are so much more than that.

Don’t compare yourself to other people
There will always be a more beautiful, intelligent, richer person. In the opinion of others. You are you and you are special precisely because of your uniqueness. Comparison is one of the greatest sources of unhappiness. Certainly, there is a man for whom you are the superlative woman. That’s who you have to find.

Feel good about yourself
The moment you feel good about yourself and confident, jealousy fades. To feel good about yourself, cultivate your femininity. Take care of your body, soul and mind. Be the best version of yourself every moment.

Fall in love with yourself
Don’t let the day go by without noticing how wonderful you are. This doesn’t mean to build yourself up, but to appreciate your worth and enjoy who you are, to discover yourself and stop criticizing yourself. This will give you a good mood, make you feel more creative and he will stop being the center of your universe. Others will have no choice but to fall in love, in turn. Also with you.