Follow these five steps and you will attract a conscious, harmonious couple relationship into your life.

Successful relationships don’t fall from the sky. They require an investment of time, energy and soul on our part. But the result is worth every effort. It’s not just about attracting the right person for you but also about how you transform yourself. Follow these five steps and you will attract a conscious, harmonious relationship into your life.

Give up superficiality
Self-respect means not putting the desire for a relationship above listening to the voice of our heart, body, mind and spirit and honoring the messages we receive. Don’t lie to yourself or devalue yourself. See yourself as the divine and loving being that you are. When we don’t do this, we tend to choose partners who reflect our lack of self-respect. Furthermore, when we respect ourselves, we do not tolerate disrespect. We make better and more evolved choices about who we let into our lives and hearts.

Be authentic and honest
How many of us don’t say what we feel because it feels right? Or have we pretended to enjoy being in someone’s company when the truth was completely untrue? We wear a mask all the time and then wonder that the relationship falls apart when we show ourselves as we really are. And that’s because we don’t act from a place that reflects our wants, needs and ideals. We are so eager to attract a man that we don’t realize we are showing him something that doesn’t exist, an illusion. So better to be authentic. Have a sincere and valuable interaction. He’ll fall in love with who you are, not a lie that, at some point, you won’t be able to sustain.

Want to know and grow
It is important to be curious about who we are, our behaviour, the way we interact with others. Stepping out of our emotional and physical comfort zone helps us in this process and helps our personal growth. It helps us to learn from both mistakes and successes. Our perspective on life changes. A missed encounter is no longer a disaster but an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and grow. Even if that evening doesn’t materialize into a lifelong relationship, it teaches us something.

Cultivate and practice self-love
If we could treat ourselves with the same kindness with which we treat an animal or a small child, many of our relationships would change drastically. When we love ourselves fully, it means we accept ourselves fully. We begin to make choices that reflect this love. Instead of accepting spending time with an ex-lover we no longer have anything in common with just so we have someone to go out with on a Saturday night, we feel comfortable in our own company and spend time with people who mean something to us.

Decide to feel good every moment
My friend recently told me that she has too little time left to do things she doesn’t like. I think this attitude is beneficial at any age. When we seek to feel good – without hurting others, we begin to eliminate the people and types of behaviors that drag us down. If something is no longer good, positive or makes us happy, it’s time to let go of it.