What’s meant to be will always find a way. You’ve learned a lot from your past relationships, and now you’re ready to love again. These are signs that your soulmate is close and you’re ready to meet them.

You begin to understand the meaning of your life.
The meaning of life may not precisely be a goal, but you feel like you know who you are, you know what you love to do, and you already know your talents and skills. You are ready to follow your dreams and ready to act responsibly.

You know what you can accept in your life and what you can’t, and you will apply this clarity to your next relationship, which will be genuinely excellent. You now know how to live life intensely and cherish solitude and love.

You’ve learned beautiful lessons from past relationships.
Even if it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, and there are certainly some wounds that are still there that claim to be healed, you are now able to see beyond all this; you discover the beautiful side of what was, and you appreciate it. You accept that time as part of your emotional and spiritual development and now look at it with detachment, contentment, and understanding. You are now healed and strong!

You feel that love is all around you.
Even though you want a relationship, you no longer focus on this aspect alone. But you find that love can be felt in so many ways! You enjoy so much; you appreciate life, and this feeling of love floods your heart.

You perhaps get involved in giving to children or the needy, observe the couples around you, perhaps become responsible for nature and animals, appreciate and rebuild your relationship with your parents, get closer to your family, reintegrate into it or heal the wounds that have been created by family life. You understand and accept yourself with love, as a human being with beautiful experiences and, simultaneously, with the scars of the past that shape you.

You invest in yourself.
You become more concerned with everything that is you, from personal and professional development to relaxation and beauty treatments. You schedule your free time to enjoy beautiful experiences with friends and family and indulge yourself.

You’re making more and more professional plans and perhaps even taking courses to fulfill your dreams or specialize. You’re moving towards financial prosperity and personal balance.

You see more and more clearly who your soul mate is.
You dream of love, even with your eyes open. Your soulmate’s personality is taking shape in your mind; you know what you’d like them to be and not be, what you can tolerate in a relationship and what you can’t, how to communicate with you, what life values to have, and what your commonalities are. He is getting closer to you, and you are about to meet him.