4 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is About To Fall Apart

Signs of an impending breakup can easily be seen in the behaviour of both partners in a relationship. If, however, the two have built a beautiful relationship over time, there is still a chance of “resuscitating” their connection. Here are the warning signs that you are heading for a breakup.

In arguments, it’s the partner who is criticised, not the behaviour
In all couples, there are arguments, which is natural; no two people are the same, so even in couples, there will be times when the two will have conflicting opinions.

In mature couples, arguments are more like discussions in which they try to reach a common point that satisfies both parties (rather than endlessly trying to change their partner’s opinions). In mature couples, partners accept their differences.

But when it happens that in these arguments, the person is attacked and not their behaviour, i.e. the criticism is directed at the partner and not their actions, this is a warning sign for the relationship’s future.

When there is respect, love and harmony in the couple or when there is an attempt to cultivate these relationship values, the arguments are about behaviour and not about the person.

One partner refuses uncomfortable discussions.
Everywhere we hear about the importance of communication in whatever type of relationship we develop. The same is true in couples, where communication must be honest and empathetic.

When one partner blackmails or refuses to stay in an uncomfortable discussion, it is almost impossible for problems in the couple to be resolved.

It is obvious that the other is unwilling to resolve them, or if they are, they will try to resolve them only from their point of view, refusing to listen to their partner’s opinion. Either way, the outcome cannot be good, especially in the long run.

One partner constantly feels on the defensive.
When one partner doesn’t feel free and happy in the relationship, when they are afraid of seeing their partner again, when they develop an involuntary defensive attitude towards their partner, the situation between the two can break down at any time.

Such cases usually occur in relationships where, as mentioned above, one of the partners is constantly attacking the person, or may occur in the case of a relationship with a manipulative or abusive partner.

Regardless of the couple’s weaknesses, neither partner should feel this way. The best solution is either to break up or to seek the help of an experienced psychotherapist as a last resort to balance the bond between the two partners.

Defiance, revenge and other negative behaviours
If criticism of the person doesn’t help a relationship, so much less will defiance or revenge. The famous “I told you so” is just the beginning. Further, some people choose to be vindictive towards or defy their partners.

In this case, the relationship cannot have a happy future. The desire to teach your partner a lesson will not have constructive effects but, on the contrary, will create unpleasant experiences in the couple. Defiance, ignoring or making fun of each other’s needs also paves the road to breaking up.