8 gentle ways to get rid of facial hair

Luckily, I don’t have a particularly coarse moustache (I’m more blessed with long, coarse, thick eyebrows), but I do have little patches on my face that didn’t bother me for a long time, but I’m now happily shedding them.

I just didn’t know until now that I had more options for gentle hair removal, even when it comes to my face.

One thing is different: which one suits my skin type best. And that’s something you should think about and chew on carefully before choosing the one that suits you. Eight great solutions to choose from!

The simplest, best method is to remove excess hair from a small area (like between your eyebrows). It’s effective, quick and long-lasting (and only a little painful) – just make sure you disinfect the tweezers before and after each use! According to beauty experts, shower gel or soap is not enough: clean with alcohol and store in a separate case!

Facial resin has always been a very alien method for me, I even find it hard to wear on my legs, let alone my chin… But for some people it’s a sure-fire solution, because it works on larger areas and the effect is quite long-lasting. The only problem with it is that it is easy to cause irritation, cracking and various injuries at home, without the help of a professional. According to experts, a dermatologist who also speaks in this article, those who are prone to it can easily get ingrown hairs from facial resin, so it’s better to leave it to a professional…

I confess that I enjoy the effectiveness of the razor on my whole body because it’s fast, very easy to use, cheap and doesn’t irritate my skin – at least not so far. However, I recently bought an electric facial razor, and it gave me super smooth skin, and with it came the arrival of the dreadful acne the very next day. My skin became so irritated that I now only use it to trim my eyebrows at most.

that it’s a myth that hairs grow after shaving.

He warns, however, that you should always shave your face with a clean razor, gently, not more than once in an area, and then groom it as if there’s no tomorrow, otherwise you’ll end up like me!

You’ve seen those videos where two strands of thread are used to create the perfect eyebrows, right? Well, the technique does exist, but it’s not recommended for anyone to try at home (unless you’ve done beauty school specifically for this solution). It’s a very professional solution for small areas and only moderately painful, but really, don’t try it at home!

Hair removal creams
Yes, you can get these slightly odd but otherwise quite effective creams for the face, but the problem is that they’re not really suitable for small areas – they tend to work all over the face. If you do go for this one, though, pay close attention to the ingredients list, because although you’ll be hair-free afterwards, you won’t be happy if you leave with an irritated and chapped face! It’s important to avoid perfume, harsh chemicals and always do an allergy test beforehand!

For me, this is the next one I’ll definitely try because it’s easy to do at home and if I use an effective, good quality product, I can keep my face hair-free for a good while. But it’s very important to keep skin clean and well cared for before and after epilation!

Now, this is one I haven’t got into yet (because it’s not the cheapest and least hassle-free option), but it might be worth it: it’s very long-lasting, incredibly professional and effective. The only problem is that it’s not designed for the finest, smallest hairs, so if you have a stubble like me, it’s probably more expensive (because you have to go back more times) and less spectacular than for someone who wants to get a strong moustache removed, for example. But one thing is for sure: leave it (also) to a professional, you’ll be better off than doing it yourself at home!

Electrolysis (or needle epilation)
Yes, I’ve only just heard about this for the first time, but it can’t be a bad option for anyone who wants permanent hair removal. Basically, it works by removing – unfortunately quite painfully, but at least extra effectively – every single hair on your head, and in a way that really doesn’t grow back. If you want permanent, this may be your solution, but one thing is for sure: get a professional to do it for you!