What does a man want to achieve by ignoring a woman? – And what does it really achieve?

Countless men believe that pretending not to be interested in the woman they’re with will get them what they want. In other words, if they ignore her, she will be the one who goes on the hunt and does everything for him. In fact, some men even think that women they mistreat will give them more attention and love. But would it really work like that?

Well, partly, yes. These manipulative techniques may work well for men who are inexperienced.

But real women can’t be fooled by such things!
Real women know what they want and don’t have time for childish games. This is how they work: if they feel you want to be with them, care about them and show your love, they will reciprocate. If, on the other hand, they see you lying, distorting, playing games, they will quickly leave.

And how can they move on so easily? For one thing, they know that if you really love someone and care about their feelings, you’re incapable of behaving that way with them. On the other hand, a real woman knows that she deserves to be truly loved and showered with all the good things – and in return, she gives you that.

Not to mention the fact that real women value honesty above all else, because they have experience of how hard it is to find it in today’s world. That’s why if a man plays games and tries to hide how he feels at the beginning of their relationship, he’s already in a losing position with them.

So, what is the lesson?
Our advice to men is that if they want a real, real woman on their side, they should give her all their attention. Be caring, loving and attentive – and you will not be short of rewards. That way, you stand a good chance of making your chosen one fall in love with you. And that can lead to a wonderful relationship based on trust, love and honesty – and there are few things in the world more fantastic than that.