7 signs that you have high emotional intelligence (!)

It’s not just high IQ that matters for personal and professional success, but also emotional intelligence. The latter is something that we pay less attention to, even though it is essential to thrive in life. Here are 7 signs that you have high emotional intelligence.

You seek understanding
You listen to others and notice everything. For example, when someone hesitates before speaking, or the way someone’s eyes light up when they see you. You see the logic and motivation behind people’s behaviour. You want to understand them.

You are curious about others
You like to get to know people from different cultures, backgrounds and interests. You like learning, gaining new knowledge and discovering how others live. You enjoy casual interactions with strangers because that’s how you learn the most about people.

You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses
You see not only your weaknesses, but also your strengths. You don’t underestimate yourself, but you don’t overestimate yourself either. If you know your bad habits, you can develop a strategy against them. So you can eliminate their negative impact. And by using your strengths, you can focus and move faster towards your goals.

Live in the moment
You’re not bitter about the past or worried about the future. You know that life is here, in the present. You strive to live the now moment to its fullest, rather than miss it just because you’re stuck in another time.

You have self-awareness
When you get angry or jealous, you are able to observe yourself. On the one hand, you can experience your feelings, give them space, and on the other hand, you can see what triggered them. Often we are only able to identify feelings on the surface, and fail to see the underlying causes. But this is not difficult for you.

Motivation comes from within, not from the outside world
You know that real motivation comes from within. If you got it from the outside world, it wouldn’t last very long. You pay attention to your surroundings and to what others say, but you know that you are the only one in control of your life.

You work on your personal development
You don’t like to stand still. You are looking to grow and you are not afraid to face yourself. You know that at times it is important to shift your attention from the outside world to your inner being. For the answers are within you.