How To Choose a Life Partner

Does your family like him?
We’re not suggesting that you marry into your family, but it’s something to think about. If your family absolutely hates this man before, then you will have to make some very difficult choices and you should also keep in mind that your family will most likely only have your best interests at heart. Maybe they saw something in this man that you didn’t?

Do you share the same values and beliefs?
Religious beliefs and moral values are usually very deeply ingrained and although you might be willing, right now, to push those to one side, will you be happy if you have to compromise on them for the rest of your life?

Do you share the same views?
Do your visions for the future coincide? Consider your ideal image of what your life will be like in ten, twenty or even thirty years time and ask yourself if you see this person in that image. You may have visions of two kids and a house in the country while he aims for a playboy lifestyle.

Are you both prepared to make sacrifices?
Strong relationships take a lot of work and a lot of compromises. You’ll both have to give up things you do now or want in the future for the sake of the relationship. Are you both ready to do that?

Always be honest with each other
You both need to be honest with each other and discuss questions like these before committing and there should be no pretense. The obvious example is children, but there are many other practical things to consider as well. Neither of you should pretend to want something you really don’t want, because a life is a heck of a long time.