4 cruel ways to break up that can’t be ignored

By the 21st century, mating habits have changed, and we’re dating differently.

For example, it is now less common for a marriage that began at a young age or a relationship that started as a teenager to last for decades. But it is not uncommon to be with someone for only a few months because it just so happens.

That’s why we spend so much time getting to know each other, dating, building a relationship or even breaking up. In recent years, we have seen some very strange break-up styles in our social circle. We’ve collected some of the most bizarre, and at the same time most cruel, examples.

Leaving you in the lurch
“My then-boyfriend and I had been together for a month or two. One night he invited me to a house party, and we walked there holding hands. When we got there, he let go of my hand and started talking to a group of people, none of whom I knew. He didn’t introduce me to them, but from then on he just looked at me for air. I tried to engage in conversation with some of the people at the party, but I felt no one was interested in me. My friend never came there again. I went home alone. It was over for me. Then a few days later he told me – we went to the same school – that he wanted to break up. I said I thought. And he asked me how. Honestly, what can you say to that kind of insolence???”

Nothing. And you should never do that to anyone, because it’s not fair.

Even though the breakup went off without a hitch, you stayed friends, and then he just disappeared from everywhere.
Out of the box, blocks emails from you, and changes phone numbers. He also deletes your mutual friends and acquaintances on social media, takes down your previous pictures, and “bans” from his life anyone who has ever had anything to do with you.

An aggravated case of this is when your ex even sends a circular letter to your acquaintances to break off contact with you – we once received such a letter, so shocking and pointless that it freezes you.

Often it’s because the ex who pressed the delete button has hooked up with someone who is jealous of everyone the boyfriend/girlfriend has ever had anything to do with, and forbids them from having any contact whatsoever. See Ross’ case with Emily in Friends.

We have already written about the phenomenon of people who disappear from their partner’s life without a word, a phenomenon known as ghosting.

This can often occur when someone is unable to get away from an abusive, violent partner in any other way.

In all other cases, the reasons for ghosting include laziness, i.e. the other person does not even bother to tell you what is wrong. It also includes disrespect for other people and fear of conflict. Or the fact that some people spend so much time online that they become detached from reality, unable to perceive what can and cannot be done, unable to behave responsibly. Perhaps he is involved with several people at the same time and simply dumps the ones he doesn’t want to continue with.

This is actually a further development of ghosting, a rather insane method of silently tormenting exes. Here is an article about the phenomenon called orbiting.