Seven Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Before You Break Up.

When things don’t go well in a couple, questions arise, and reasons and causes are sought, but at the same time, at least one partner tries to make things right. If you feel like you’ve already been through all this, but your relationship hasn’t changed enough to make you feel happy, here are some questions to help you make a more balanced decision about your relationship.

Suppose you’ve already tried to rekindle your relationship with your partner, tried to communicate everything that’s bothering you and making you unhappy, but haven’t succeeded. In that case, you’re probably already thinking about breaking up. Here are some questions to help you sort out your thoughts and get closer to the best decision for you.

How do you see our relationship in the future?
While you may not have thought through all the details, some directions should still be expected, such as: living together, (not) having children, getting married, maybe travelling the world, etc.

Also among the answers to this question is how you want to spend your free time (together or separately, e.g. maybe he wants to spend it mainly with friends), but also how you will invest your finances (are these investments also about the couple or only about individual well-being?).

Are you still attracted to me? If so, what attracts you to me, and what doesn’t?
The relationships seem hard to give, but it’s still important to be aware of them in a mature, healthy relationship. Attraction should include a balance between the physical and the psychological.

Do you feel happy in our relationship?
A question we don’t even have to look for reasons for; answer honestly, yes or no. Do you feel happy in your relationship or not?

What exactly do you think we should change in our relationship for harmony to reappear?
Identifying your lover’s needs is essential to rebuilding the relationship or… breaking it. When there is no direction, it is possible that your partner either hasn’t thought about it or doesn’t care, and in the second situation, you can feel them trying hard to get away from your questions, which they will label in many ways.

What do you think should be changed to make me happy in our relationship?
If you’ve tried several times to communicate your needs to him, and he hasn’t remembered a single one… something is not working between you two.

What’s your biggest dream?
The answer to this question helps you understand whether or not you have a place in your lover’s future, whether or not you resonate with his dream, and whether or not you can support it.

Do you love me?
The first few seconds of the answer to this question, asked at the end when his mind is already reeling, maybe even tired trying to find the best answers to your questions, well, the first few seconds of your lover’s reaction tell you the truth, beyond words. Watch him closely; his body language will be frank!