8 effective ways to keep your relationship happy

Most people will tell you to listen to your partner more, do nice things for them and show them your support and appreciation. Of course, these things contribute to your relationship, but there are other, less talked about things too.

Here are 8 seemingly obvious, yet effective ways to keep your relationship going:

Spend more time apart
It may sound strange, but this will actually help your relationship. If you spend at least a few days away from your loved one, you can make sure you have new and different things to say to them. Plus, it helps you to be more patient and not get annoyed by things you don’t like about your partner.

Laugh at unexpected situations
A couple that laughs together is more likely to be together longer. In a relationship, it is very important to laugh and have fun with your partner. Watch a sitcom or comedy show. All of these will help you loosen up and keep a balance in the relationship, especially since serious and tense moments are inevitable.

Set goals together
It’s important that you and your partner set the same goals, but more importantly that you help each other achieve them. Whether it’s long-term financial or personal goals or short-term projects to work on together, it’s important to support your partner and vice versa.

Get out of your comfort zone
If you want to have a healthy relationship in which you communicate openly with your partner, you need to be brave enough to be vulnerable around them. This means telling your partner the things that bother you, telling them how you feel and trying things that are not in your comfort zone. It’s a big step in a relationship to talk to your partner about something painful from your past or to reveal things to them that no one knows.

Exercise together
It can be a perfect way for you to offer help to each other. You work as a team, and this will strengthen your relationship. Plus, you spend even more time together, but let’s not forget about the fact that you care about having a healthy lifestyle.

Start new activities and habits
Whether it’s an activity you both want to try, a field you’re interested in or a destination you want to visit, it’s the ideal opportunity to invest time in. The new habits you impose on each other are meant to set your priorities, but it will show you that you both care about the future you want together.

Do household chores together
It’s also important to team up on household chores, even if they’re not the most exciting. Whatever task you do, the goal is to work together and get the job done. Plus, it creates a sense of equality between you, which is very important in a relationship.

Surprise him with small things
Every once in a while, instead of slamming the door in the morning, leave your partner a nice message, be it a post-it note on the door. Try being more daring and arrange a fake date. Surprise him with something small and why not, maybe even crazy. These small gestures keep the spark between you alive.