Can arguing be good for a relationship?

Arguments in a relationship can be tiring. Some of them are emotionally exhausting, especially if the atmosphere at home is very tense because of them, and there is still a long way to go to reach an agreement with your partner. As a result, we sometimes think it best to do everything to avoid them. It turns out, however, that relationship clashes can help strengthen bonds.

Not such a bad quarrel
Avoiding arguments at all costs is the worst thing we can do for our relationship. Far worse than an unloading of negative emotions from an argument, followed by a joyful, harmonious stage any minute, is silence. So-called silent days can drive partners even further apart than their clash.

Sweeping various problems under the rug, after all, will not make them disappear. On the contrary, resentments or grievances hidden for a long time will modify themselves to even greater proportions and eventually prevent us from functioning.

That’s why it’s a good idea to solve problems as they arise, and to talk about things that worry us directly. Some topics are among those that are so sensitive or emotional that it is impossible to talk about them calmly. So let’s not be afraid of our emotions, and if we feel they are overwhelming us, let’s give them vent. However, without losing ourselves in our feelings, let’s try to find a constructive solution to the trouble.

Sometimes it’s really worth arguing and…. reconcile. In this way, we get to know each other’s needs, we are able to correct mistakes we didn’t really realize we were making, and our relationship has a chance to evolve.