Guys Tell Us: This Is How We Show We’re Interested

“Trying to make eye contact first”
“It depends a bit on the situation. If it’s someone I see in the pub, I try to make eye contact first to see if she’s holding her gaze. If we’ve been talking for a while, I’ll throw in a smooth little compliment ‘you’re beautiful’ or something like that, and if we’re keen to move on, I’ll usually say ‘I’ve got new curtains at home, do you want to see?’ “

“I make friends with the person first”
“I flirt a bit in a non-creepy way. I try to make eye contact and then talk to the person in question. I make friends with the person first to see if there’s something there or if it just works as a friendship. The risk, though, is that you end up in the friend zone.”

“Dance close to her”
“It depends on where you are. In a cafe there’s not much I can do other than check her out until she notices something, but out at a nightclub I can walk up or dance near her, but not follow her of course… If you want a quick answer, you can send a drink to her table or invite her to your table and then the conversation will develop more and more.”

“don’t start with a pick-up line”
“I certainly wouldn’t start with a pick-up line. You have to start talking to the person and see what the person is like, then they might interest you even more. I would try to show that I am interested but in such a way that I don’t make the person angry or disappointed.”

“Just be myself”
“I usually write and start talking about a few different things, then after a while I can admit that I’m interested. But usually I let her be interested in me, by just being myself.”