9 Signs That The Girl You Like Is Not Interested

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your feelings are reciprocated or not. But if the girl you like is doing this, she’s not interested.

She doesn’t ask questions back when you text
No questions back on text or snapchat? Ouch. If she’s not engaging to keep the conversation going, she’s probably not interested.

She’s always putting off plans…
When you start dating someone, you have to expect that some of the first few times you’re going to see each other might not happen. It could be due to nerves or bad timing. But if it happens too often, there’s a chance she’s just trying to derail your date.

… or cancelling at the last minute.
If she doesn’t have a really, really good excuse, there’s only one thing to say. She’s not interested.

She shuns body contact
If she recoils, doesn’t want to be close, and runs away from your attempts to get close, she’s really NOT interested.

She often points out how good friends you are
If she had been interested in you, she would have tried to avoid putting the “friendship stamp” on your relationship herself. But if she repeats it often, that’s exactly what she wants you to be, friends and nothing more.

She doesn’t respond when you write
Some people keep writing and writing and writing even though they never get a reply. Well, then she’s obviously not interested. And unfortunately, a printscreen of your messages is said to have ended up in her group chat. Sorry.

She picks on your friends
Warning bell!

She keeps her distance when you’re out on the dance floor
If she always makes sure to keep herself at arm’s length, laughing and shaking her head like you’re “funny and a little crazy” when you try to approach. Then she’s not interested.

She doesn’t ask you out tonight
If she doesn’t care what you’re doing, where and with whom on a Saturday night, the interest isn’t there.

It’s also possible to tell from your text messages whether someone is interested or not. See in the video below what texts you’ll get if the person you’re texting isn’t interested.