6 Tips: How To Make The Long-distance Relationship Last

Let go of unnecessary conflicts
Doesn’t your partner drop the toilet seat? Were you annoyed when they said something the wrong way? Let it go. Firstly, arguing on the phone or texting often backfires, and secondly, it’s rarely worth it if it’s a small thing.

Don’t let your partner be your air vent
It’s easy to call up your partner after a bad day and “vent”, aka complain, about everything and anything. Remember to also talk about fun things when you hear from each other.

Don’t get stuck on your partner once you have time together
Do you usually see each other every weekend or every other weekend? Allow each other to do their own things on the weekends, such as hanging out with their mates, working out or doing things other than each other. Otherwise you lose yourself very quickly.

Long for each other instead of missing
Reflect on how you express yourself. Don’t talk about your relationship as a problem. See your relationship as something positive, always. Say that you long for each other, how your stomach tingles when you think about that next time you meet. Not how hard it is to miss each other and how sad you get when you’re apart.

Don’t spend half your time together being sad that you’re about to be separated
If you’re going to spend a whole week together, it’s easy to feel sad after half and start counting down the days until you have to part. Then you just get sadder and sadder every day until the day you have to say goodbye, and then it’s easy to spend the whole day feeling sad. Force those thoughts away and enjoy your time together. Otherwise, you’re wasting half your time together feeling bad.

Trust each other
A long distance relationship won’t work if you don’t trust each other. You’ll never be able to know if your partner is 100% faithful if you don’t live together. You can’t if you live together either, for that matter. But if you’re going to have a long-distance relationship, you have to trust your partner no matter what. Being jealous and demanding proof that one is being faithful doesn’t work. Period.

There are some mistakes you should never make in a long distance relationship if you want to make it work. See what in the video below.