5 Sure Signs That You Are Afraid Of Love

You keep the person at a distance
When you notice someone getting close to you and feelings start to grow – you pull away. You do all the weird things you can think of to make the person choose to leave on their own. If they don’t go – well, then you turn the tables on them yourself.

You hurt the person – to avoid being the one who gets hurt
You know how much it hurts to have your heart broken – so you make sure you’re the one who breaks it, not the other way around. It’s an idiotic act but you do it anyway, just because someone else has been there before and hurt you.

You’re sceptical about everything
You analyze texts, instagram pictures, likes, everything. You’re skeptical of everything and look for faults in your new crush. Why? Well, because you’re afraid of falling in love.

You convince yourself
That you’re not in love, that you’ll never fall in love and that there’s not one person for you.

When you do fall in love – it’s for real
You have a high wall around you that is hard to climb over. But once you open your heart and welcome someone in – that person is stuck there, forever.