Love: 5 Signs That You Are (Unfortunately) Giving Yourself False Hope

When it comes to love, our gut often tells us the right thing. But when we’re head over heels in love, hearts in our eyes and butterflies in our stomachs, it’s easy to overhear our own intuition. If you want to find out whether your feelings are reciprocated by the other person, it helps to pay attention to small signs. For so-called “red flags”, i.e. warning signs, you should not ignore despite all your infatuation. If he behaves as follows, briefly put on the emergency brake and question whether he really has the same intentions as you:

He Doesn’t Like To Talk About His Feelings.
“What man likes to talk about his feelings?”, you may now ask yourself. True, as a rule, men often take a little longer to open up and put emotions into words. However, if you have the feeling that he consistently avoids you and skirts around the topic of “relationship,” you should pay attention. Sentences like “I don’t know exactly how I feel” should set your alarm bells ringing – at least if you know exactly how you feel yourself.

He Tries To Change It
Honesty is enormously important – even at the beginning of a relationship. So if he draws your attention (constructively!) to quirks, you should not immediately pull the ripcord. However, if he wants to change fundamental things about you – or if he consistently nags about your character, you should pause for a moment. After all, he got to know you exactly as you are – and that’s exactly how you are right!

His Life Is One Big Secret.
You definitely don’t need to be privy to every detail of his life. But if he makes a huge secret of it and you haven’t met a single person from his immediate circle even after several months, you should become skeptical. Does he have something to hide? Address the issue openly, you will know the answer to this question by his reaction.

You Must Always Make The First Move.
The daily “good morning” via WhatsApp basically comes from you, as does the question about the next date. There is nothing wrong with women making the first move – however, if you are the only driving force in the long run, the ratio is quite unequal. Has he just gotten used to you being “the first” – or is he just not interested enough? Let him come – then you will be able to answer this question for yourself.