Is he cheating? 7 signs of infidelity

He suddenly has to “work” a lot more
Constant new projects, extra-long meetings and meetings with new colleagues? If your partner suddenly surprises you regularly with such facts, which were not part of his everyday life before, you should become suspicious.

His friends are acting strangely
Even though his buddies would never betray him, you will still notice a change in their behavior when your boyfriend cheats on you – be it that they seem nervous around you, avoid your glances or even avoid you completely. If your loved one suddenly starts seeing people who previously played no role in his or her life, such as old schoolmates or colleagues, it’s high time to be alert.

But it can also go the other way and your partner is head over heels in love with you. In that case, he may surprise you again and again with small tokens of love. Would you like to give him something in return? We have some ideas for you in the video.

He never lets his phone out of his sight
Your loved one has been carrying his cell phone around lately, switching it to silent when you’re together or disappearing from the room under an excuse to talk on the phone without being disturbed? Be careful! Either he’s planning a really great surprise for you and is afraid you’ll find out, or his affair could call at any moment: strange phone behavior is one of the most common cheating signals.

He pays more attention to his appearance.
Your boyfriend suddenly has a different haircut, wraps himself in a brand new scent, spends hours in the bathroom, and puts on a new outfit? If a man suddenly puts an unusual amount of emphasis on his appearance, perhaps even changing significantly, he may not only want to please you with it.

He does little with you
If your partner doesn’t feel like doing anything with you alone anymore, that’s a bad sign. If you only hang out on the couch and he is constantly too tired to go out, he may have someone else with whom he already leaves all his energy.

He hides his bills and receipts.
Being sneaky is never a proof of loyalty. If he starts hiding his credit card statements and bank statements from you, he may have something to hide. There could be charges from hotels, restaurants, or events he attended together with his secret affair.

He is irritable
He is extremely irritable, unbalanced and any argument, no matter how harmless, turns into pure drama? When you call him out on his mood, he gets mad and picks a fight? Men often hide their guilty conscience this way. So watch out, something is wrong!

Is he cheating? The most important sign of this is and remains female intuition, in addition to situational signals. If we notice that something has changed in the relationship and in the feelings towards us, then this often has a concrete cause. So if you have a bad feeling that your boyfriend might be cheating on you, you should address this as soon as possible instead of making assumptions. That way, you’ll only get yourself down (perhaps unnecessarily)!