Body Language In Men: How You Can Tell He Likes You

He turns to you in a conversation – even when others are around.
Congratulations. The good guy has it in for you. He only pays attention to you. Especially when he tilts his legs, arms and shoulders in your direction, he’s blown away by you, this guy’s body language doesn’t lie!

He mirrors your movements
No, in this case he’s not mimicking you. Instead, he has quite a bit of interest in you. For example, if he yawns after you do, or grabs his face with his hands like you did just before, he’s doing it subconsciously, showing you that he likes you.

He grabs you by the waist and pulls you close to him.
Great, because the man’s body language is clearly telling you that he likes you! And not just as a girlfriend…

He only talks to you over his shoulder
Clearly, the guy has no interest in you. He prefers to devote his attention to other things, for example, the TV in the background or his friends. Anyone who pays more attention to a soccer game or a beer than to you doesn’t deserve you anyway.

He has his arms folded in front of his chest
Sorry, but the young gentleman is apparently just doing his time with you. Crossed arms are probably the worst thing that can come your way in terms of body language. It means that this man would rather be in another situation than having to converse with you.