These Zodiac Signs Are The Worst Partners

Do you have arguments with your boyfriend from time to time? This is normal in a relationship, but it can get really out of hand with partners with difficult characters. It’s not uncommon for your loved one’s zodiac sign to play a role. Which zodiac signs make the worst partners in a relationship? These!

Aries men have a bad habit of not putting much effort into a relationship and only doing something with you when the initiative comes from you. Meaning, if you have something planned and they like the plan, they will come. However, not if they have something better planned, because compromise and sacrifice is not in their nature. If they like another activity better, they will leave you. Note: If you don’t have an Aries boyfriend yet, but are interested in one, you may recognize his bad qualities as a boyfriend-to-be by the fact that he makes you a “benching” victim.

With Aquarians, there’s a whole other problem that makes them bad partners: they don’t care about your friends and family in the slightest. So if you suggest that the two of you can spend some time with your loved ones after all, be prepared for him to find excuses why he doesn’t have time for it. By the way, he also doesn’t want to introduce you to his parents or do anything with you and his buddies. Why the fuss? Aquarius doesn’t want things to get too serious and your circles to connect more than necessary. This would only make a separation unnecessarily complicated…

Also be careful when dating a man with this zodiac sign: although he likes to spend time with you, you will quickly notice that he doesn’t like to share anything, but really nothing else with you. Be it a bottle of beer, his jacket when you’re cold, or the dresser in his bedroom where you’d like to put some of your stuff. Virgos love their free space, but that a tad too much. Selfishness in the partnership? Runs with him. And unfortunately it’s hard to train away…

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