The Truth: 8 Reasons Why People Really Cheat!

The participants actually named anger as the most frequent motive for cheating. According to them, this is either anger at the partner, a quarrel, or burgeoning anger because of unspoken differences. Numerous interviewees also revealed that they had only reacted to their partner’s infidelity out of anger. Revenge would supposedly have given them satisfaction.

Lack of self-esteem came in second. Numerous responses indicated that the cheaters had taken the step to feel better about themselves and to get the validation they lacked. Small attentions in everyday life, which show the appreciation of the partner, seem to be particularly important and should in no case be lost in everyday life!

Too little love
Well, as bitter as this may be, a lack of love may lead your partner into the arms of another person quite quickly. Numerous respondents stated that they were not sure if their loved one was the right one for them. Those who cited this motive as a reason for cheating were less afraid of being caught with their affair, according to the researchers’ findings. They even showed up with her in public and invited her on dates. The affair served, so to speak, as a strategy for quickly getting out of one’s relationship.

The fourth reason that emerged was the uncertainty of some partners. In their relationships, it seemed not to be clear at which point they were at all, which is why they had not been aware of the seriousness. It is therefore important to make clear in good time what one’s own expectations of a relationship with another person are, so that such an unpleasant misunderstanding does not arise in the first place.

Desire for new things
Even if you certainly shouldn’t go along with every absurd wish of your partner that you don’t support yourself, you should at least remain open to new things. Because reason number five shows that it can quickly end in cheating. Several respondents stated that they had wanted something new in order to avoid boredom in their own committed relationship.

Who would want to stay with a person who constantly blocks you off and no longer allows closeness – whether physical or emotional? Only the fewest, which is why rejection also made it into the top eight reasons for cheating. In a relationship, you should be there for each other and openly address feelings and thoughts, only in this way can the bond with each other remain or even grow.

Also the popular cliché of the slip because of alcohol does not come in the top eight reasons for cheating too briefly. The researchers identified opportunity as the last and eighth motive. According to the study, it was mainly favorable situations that, in combination with one or more of the other factors, led people to cheat in relationships. According to the study, people who acted out of opportunity had significantly shorter affairs than those who acted out of a lack of love or anger, for example.