Why Pretty Women Are So Often Alone

Do beautiful people really have a harder time in love? Yes, at least according to psychologists at Harvard University. According to their study, there is a connection between a person’s appearance and their relationship status. Perhaps this is the long-awaited answer to the question of why so many good-looking people live an eternal single existence.

Attractive people are more often alone
Researchers at Harvard University found out whether a person’s attractiveness also affects their relationship life. Christine Ma-Kellams, Margaret Wang and Hannah Cardiel first checked the divorce rate of the men classified as handsome by the test subjects. They found that the particularly attractive men were married for a shorter time on average than their average-looking counterparts. In a second step, the subjects were asked to rank photos of celebrities according to their attractiveness. The result: the more beautiful the famous men and women were classified, the shorter their marriages lasted.

After that, people who were in a relationship were asked to assess the appearance of strangers on the basis of photos. With the result that forgiven people who looked good were also more likely to rate others as attractive. To summarize: Particularly attractive people are more likely to have relationship problems, have shorter relationships on average, and are more likely to look around for other potential partners.

The right match is missing
Particularly beautiful women often have a hard time finding a partner who also matches them visually. This can have several causes. For one thing, they are spoiled for choice in the age of dating sites. Because on Tinder and the like, good-looking men are a dime a dozen. The researchers of the study also know this. They interpret the results in such a way that particularly pretty women also have more choice on the singles market and are therefore more likely to look around for options. Because the fear of letting an even more desirable candidate slip through their fingers is perhaps the biggest problem. In other words, we often stand in the way of our own happiness.

In addition, beautiful single women naturally have high expectations of their dream man. They often want a partner at their side who is just as attractive. However, if the right man is not there after a few dates, the attractive women prefer to turn to other pastimes, such as evenings together with friends or family. Because too much time is not wasted on the search.

The inhibition threshold is too high
Good looks are often accompanied by other aspects, such as having a large circle of friends, an exciting social life or success at work. And these components are often enough to lead a fulfilled and happy life. In other words, they are happy with themselves. That’s why good-looking and successful women are less likely to be looking for a partner.

But: Above-average beauty can also become a problem. For example, when good looks become an inhibition threshold. Because often these women are not even addressed, because men assume that they are certainly long taken. Or because the good looks are even intimidating. Therefore, instead of waiting for the prince to ride by on a white horse, women should take the initiation into their own hands.