9 Things Men Do To Say “I Love You” Without Words

Does he really love you? Or does he just not know how he feels about you yet? These clues reveal: He loves you!
With men, it’s one of those things. Some of them just don’t want to say the three magic words “I love you”. This is usually not because they are not able to love. Sometimes they just don’t know it themselves yet.

he is looking for your closeness
It’s only a few centimeters, but they are crucial: If he approaches you at every opportunity a little more than other people would, he obviously enjoys being near you, which is a clear indication of being in love. This is also often shown by the fact that he is interested in things that he previously found unexciting, when this gives him the chance to be with you.

he listens to you attentively
He may not be the greatest talker, but that doesn’t mean that the communication between the two of you can’t still speak volumes. If he listens to you attentively, maybe even leans in to understand you better, that too is a sure sign of how much you mean to him and how important he thinks you are.

he holds your hand
If his hand seeks yours, this is a clear statement: we belong together. If he also seeks this form of closeness in public, he is clearly stating that he loves you and stands by you.

he calls you for no reason or writes to you.
This is just another form of seeking closeness to the person you love. If he writes to you even though there is nothing to communicate, it is a sign that he is thinking about you even if you are not with him at the moment, which again is a typical characteristic of being in love.

he seeks eye contact
Even if you are not sitting directly opposite each other, he is always looking for eye contact with you. This not only shows you that he cares about you and keeps you “in sight”, but also that he is looking to connect with you, even if there are a few feet between you.

he runs his hand through his hair
When people are insecure, they tend to touch themselves on the face or head. If he nervously runs his hands through his hair as soon as you are in a romantic situation, it could be a sign that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings.

he glows when you are around him.
This point is the one why outsiders often notice it much sooner that someone is in love. As soon as the dream princess or prince is around, the mood lifts and the person in love beams up to both ears.

he gives the right gifts
With “right” is meant here in no case necessarily expensive. The right gifts are made by the one who finds another person so important that he listens very carefully when he tells something and aligns the gifts to the very personal needs. For example, if you have told him that you always have such cold feet at night, he could give you cuddly warm socks or a hot water bottle. If you are a fan of a certain musician, he could go in search of his record, which is so hard to find. Whoever makes so much effort is not only a real treasure, but above all one thing: in love.