Sings You Never Have To Worry About If He Really Loves You

“he is faithful to you.”

Clear thing, unless you have agreed free love, your man should be unconditionally faithful to you. Don’t write with other women, don’t date other women, best not even think about other women. At most a quick reflex look in the direction of an attractive woman is allowed. And this loyalty should not have to be demanded from you.

he wants a future with you.

At the beginning of a serious relationship, trembling is part of it. When will he introduce me to his parents? Will his friends like me? But after six months at the latest, things should be clear. He should have introduced you to the most important people in his life and communicate quite openly that you are the woman at his side. Later, it should be a matter of course to plan finances, living space and children together. If you always keep all doors open, your heart is not in the relationship.

you are worth being loved by him.

A man who loves you with all his heart will undoubtedly make you feel that you are lovable in every way.

you can feel safe with him.

Whatever happens, he will protect you. And you him. Whether it’s protective gestures during a scuffle on a crowded bus or real protection in dicey situations: your man will look out for you.

you should open up to him.

If he really loves you, your secrets are sacred to him. No matter what you tell him, he knows that your most intimate thoughts are meant only for him. You should be able to trust your significant other unconditionally.

you can count on him

Whether it’s lugging heavy things or providing spiritual and practical support in realizing your life’s dreams, you can be sure that he will support you as much as he can. Because it’s important to him that you’re doing well.