6 Things That Make You More Attractive – That Aren’t Linked To Your Looks

A charming appearance may be an advantage when you want to pick up – but it’s far from everything! It’s just as important that you’re attractive in your personality and your behaviour. Here’s a list of things that will make the person you’re interested in fall head over heels!

Be nice to everyone – always
Maybe your instincts tell you that women are attracted to alpha males? That’s probably why many people try to be a little extra macho in situations where they’re interested in someone. This is a sickly counterproductive behaviour, because it’s usually perceived as arrogance. Being nice and friendly is not a sign that you are a wimp as some may think. Rather, it shows that you’re not an idiot! In fact, there’s nothing attractive than when someone defends you or backs you up – so go for it if you want to get someone down!

Surround yourself with friends
People tend to be perceived as more attractive when they’re part of a group than when they’re alone. It’s okay if you don’t like hanging out in large groups – just being out and about with your closest buddy can be enough.

Do your bit
Whether that means suggesting a time to get together, giving ideas about where you should go or what you should do! Showing commitment and initiative in wanting to do things with the person you’re interested in will bring them down.

Being funny and having a sense of humour is a sign of intelligence and creativity. It’s even scientifically proven that from an evolutionary perspective, people needed these traits to survive, and therefore it also makes you more attractive to potential partners, it’s kind of in the genes.

Just as important as having a sense of humour and a twinkle in your eye is laughing. Perhaps not surprisingly, research shows that your ability to laugh and smile both makes you more attractive while making the other person feel uplifted, appreciated and delightful.

Give compliments
If you think the person has a good hair day, looks good in that red sweater or is just generally nice, lovely or funny, tell them so! There’s nothing that makes a person feel as attractive or tingly as when you give a thoughtful compliment.