5 Tips For Becoming More Attractive

Have a positive attitude

If you run around nagging and talking to people in a negative way time after time, your attractiveness goes down. Whining, complaining and grumbling are anti-attractive. So work on yourself and make sure you have a positive outlook on life.

Be yourself

Authenticity is what makes people interesting. Don’t try to pretend to be something other than who you are, but try to be the best version of yourself. Although it is a cliché, it is incredibly attractive when someone dares to be completely themselves. Authentic people are attractive because of the aura they have around them. So do what you want, say what you think and say what you feel; it makes you unique.

Take good care of yourself

The basis of attractiveness is that you are well-groomed. Personal grooming, clothing and fashion items are worth a lot. You have a say in it and the more impeccable your outfit, the more attractive you appear. Therefore, pick out nice clothes, eat healthy, take decent care of your skin and hair and exercise regularly.

Show your feminine or masculine side

In the Netherlands everyone can be who he or she wants to be. Women do not always have to be feminine, but can also show their independent side. In contact with a man, however, it can also be very attractive if you show your softer and more empathetic side. If you dare to show your vulnerability, then you make a man feel masculine as well, which increases your attractiveness.

For a man, it is likewise important to dare to show vulnerability, but in addition to that, to show their masculine side. A man can show that they are strong and can be a rock for a woman. In this way you ensure that a woman feels safe with you and can actually feel feminine.

Listen to people and give compliments

It is quite rare that you meet someone who really listens to you. So if you make sure that you are interested in others and genuinely listen to them, this will be found very attractive. Open yourself up to others, listen to them and give compliments. This will not only make others feel comfortable with you, but also make you more attractive.