Things You Didn’t Know Make You More Attractive – And It Has Nothing To Do With Your Looks

Looks say a lot about a person, but far from everything. A good-looking exterior is useless in the long run without a personal interior. Here we list six things that can bring anyone down.

Always be nice – to everyone
Kind and nice people are underrated. Today, everyone is so self-absorbed and stressed, so the person who really takes time with another person and acts friendly and nice stands out in a positive way, more than ever before.

Gather your friends around you
Studies have shown that people tend to be perceived as more attractive when they are surrounded by other people in a group. You don’t need to hang out in large groups to attract attention, just surround yourself with a few of your closest friends

Show commitment
People who are positive and forward-thinking are always perceived as more attractive. Take the initiative and come up with suggestions and ideas on what you and a date can do.

Give compliments
Complimenting other people always works perfectly as an icebreaker and to make the other person happy and feel appreciated and attractive yourself. It can be small things, like a new top or a nice smile. Even better, if you can compliment a person on inner qualities instead of focusing on outer attributes. The most important thing is to be honest about what you say, otherwise the person will soon see through you.

And one more thing!
Why aren’t we taught more about happiness in school?
For example, did you know that there are two completely different kinds of happiness and most people miss out on either one or the other (or at worst both). And did you know that that routine everyday lunch can be made awesome? And I do mean right now. Within five minutes if you so choose.