5 Simple But Clever Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To Other People

Actually, there’s no miracle cure for being liked by the whole world – all people just don’t get along, it’s as simple as that. But there are some simple but handy tricks you can use every day to make yourself a little more inviting and interesting in other people’s eyes.

Maintain eye contact
Looking someone you’re talking to in the eye (without staring, of course) signals interest. If you bat your eyes, you are perceived as uninterested, shy or nonchalant. Keep eye contact at 60% and you’re home – you’ll be perceived as interested, friendly and trustworthy.

Listen to others
People love to talk about themselves, especially if someone shows interest and takes the time to listen without interrupting and stressfully flicking their gaze between their phone, their surroundings and their wristwatch. Listen attentively and nod occasionally, while maintaining eye contact with the person talking. A good listener is always perceived as an interesting and intelligent person.

Use people’s names
Nothing inspires trust and builds confidence as quickly and effectively as addressing people by their names. Aim to mention the person’s name three times in the first five minutes of a conversation. The trick is to make it sound natural, so it takes some practice. “Hi Stefan, how are you”, “Nice to meet you, Stefan” and “What do you do for a living, Stefan”? are simple but natural phrases where you can sneak in a person’s name without it seeming forced or silly.

Smile often
Smiles are extremely contagious. A smile sends out signals to those you meet that you are a social, confident and attractive person. Studies have also shown that smiling makes you feel much better about yourself and boosts your self-confidence.

Affirm other people
Humanity’s need for affirmation has never been as great as it is today. Why do you think people hunt for likes, praise and appreciation on social media around the clock? But it’s all about finding a sensible balance. It’s not your mission in life to make other people feel good, even if it happens to be about someone you’re interested in. On the other hand, of course, it’s always effective to show your appreciation and praise other people – but be honest. Wasting empty words that you don’t really mean will soon be seen through.

And one more thing!
“Your colleague is a slacker, your boss is critical of everything, and your relative is just a downer. The super annoying people are in everyone’s environment and can make you both frustrated and annoyed. Learn to deal with them and they’ll be easier to live with.”