5 Signs He’s Really Into You!

Is he just interested in a quick fling or maybe he is the father of your children? These five signs will tell you if he is seriously interested.

if he has feelings for you, then he becomes a little insecure around you!

If he is surrounded by his boys, he is the coolest guy in the universe. If you’re meeting as a couple, he seems a little nervous.

He’s constantly brushing his hair, making unfunny jokes (you laugh anyway out of politeness), and just can’t wipe the smirk off his face when you realize that you’re both – independently – going to the same party this weekend.

Jackpot: He gets insecure around you because he thinks you’re soooo good that he doesn’t want to do anything wrong! Sweet!

if he has feelings for you, he will get in touch by himself!

You’re always the first to seek contact, writing WhatsApp messages every minute and hanging out at the coffee shop next to his front door all weekend. STOP IT!

If he is really interested in you, then he will take the initiative!

Remember: men have a hunting instinct. If you are easy prey, then your dream man will quickly find you uninteresting. So never, ever (!!!) ask him out.

Go dancing with your girlfriends and flirt for all you’re worth. If you meet by chance at a party, be nice to him, end the conversation spontaneously and storm the dance floor.

You can’t look as fast as he hangs on the end of your brand new pencil skirt.

If he’s into you, you’re the only one on his mind!

He’s gone on a ski weekend with his buddies – and you can’t find a quiet minute. You’re constantly imagining horror scenarios of him cheating on you. RELAX!

If he’s in love with you, then he’d rather hold on to his beer glass than the hips of some strange woman, no matter how wild the hut party.

if he is the right one, then everything falls into place!

The wellness weekend with your BFF is exactly when he celebrates his birthday? Stupid, but then trust a little bit in fate. If you are meant for each other, then your best friend will cancel the short trip at the last moment because she is sick in bed.

Luck of the draw: In the afternoon you take care of your sick BFF and in the evening you wildly celebrate his birthday with your crush!

Tip: If he’s not the right one, don’t forget: other mothers have even more beautiful sons!