How to effectively forget your ex?

eight women tell us how they got over a breakup.
Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure to get over your ex. But there are a few things that can help us move on.

Cutting ties

How did I get over my ex? By making him disappear from my life. No more links on social networks and especially, I cut short our common friends. Sad but good, it was the only solution. I also stopped going to our favorite bars, etc. A ghosting before its time!
Clara, 25 years old.

Keeping my mind busy

After my first breakup, I was simply obsessed with my ex. When I woke up, at breakfast, at dinner and at bedtime, I thought about him 24 hours a day, it was stronger than me. So I started doing puzzles at night before bed to keep my mind occupied and stop thinking. My new activity caused general hilarity among my friends, but it worked… at least at that moment, I wasn’t thinking about him anymore.
Audrey, 23 years old.

Stop idealizing him

During our relationship, I idealized my boyfriend a lot. When we broke up, I gradually opened my eyes to his personality. No, my ex was not a model of maturity, he was just a pretentious kid who liked to put me down and tell me how to behave. Realizing this felt really good, and really helped me to move on.
Alexia, 29 years old.

Load up your schedule

After my breakup, I would burst into tears as soon as I was alone. My solution to recovering was to schedule myself as a minister. Monday night? Movie with Quentin. Tuesday night? Dinner with Camille. Wednesday ? Exhibition with Samia… And so on. I was exhausted, but it took my mind off things and allowed me to slowly rebuild myself.
Ariane, 34 years old.

Focusing on work

It may seem trivial, but my job really saved me from my breakup. It gave me a rhythm to my daily life, and investing more time in my work made me think about something else for ten hours a day. The evenings were hard, but I was so tired from my days that I fell asleep quickly. The fact that my work and my professional efforts were appreciated also allowed me to regain confidence in myself and my abilities. And also to get back on my feet gradually.
Laure, 35 years old.

Becoming aware of my priorities

After my divorce, my children were my lifeline. I had to be strong for them and could not allow myself to let go, to fall into depression. Looking back, I really think that’s what saved me.
Delphine, 43 years old.

Meeting new people

My breakup ended in tears and pain. In retrospect, I feel ridiculous, but at the time I felt like I was going through a real emotional drama. I had lost more than 10 kilos and I spent entire evenings crying and thinking about my lost love. And then something clicked! It’s debatable, but it made me feel better. I installed the Tinder application and went on a few “love” dates that sometimes lasted until the next morning… If one-night stands aren’t necessarily the solution to digest a breakup, it helped me a lot.
Caroline, 24 years old.

Give it time

It may seem obvious, but in my case, it was time that allowed me to move on. I have always had a tendency to want to go too fast: until then, after a breakup, I would always get back on track very quickly because staying unhappy in my corner gave me the impression that I was losing the game to my ex. As a result, I never gave myself the opportunity to heal my wounds, and with each breakup, I was burdened with more and more heavy pots and pans. I wanted to do things differently during my last breakup, and finally gave myself permission to “be unhappy”. It hurt me a lot, but it also allowed me to understand a lot about myself and my relationship with men. And in the end, I sank, of course, but to rise again.
Chloé, 33 years old.