5 Things That Self-confident Women Do Differently

We’re not exactly shy, nor are we squeamish. But a little more self-confidence never hurts. So we’ve picked up a few tricks from strong women. 5 things that self-confident women do differently:

they don’t want to swap places with anyone and they know it.

Nadine has the prettier legs, Christina earns more, Anna dances so enchantingly and Elena married the man who is actually much better suited to you. So what? Self-confident women do not constantly compare themselves with others. They know: In sum, they would never trade their lives for any other. Most people feel that way. You just have to remind yourself in between that you are very satisfied overall.

you don’t even try to be “Everybodys Darling”.

Everybodys Darling is Everybodys Dachshund. Old rule, which nevertheless has not lost any of its truth. If you try to please everyone, you end up being just a copy of yourself. Better to leave it alone. The people who are really popular are the ones who stand by their rough edges.

they take space

Self-confident women do not ask themselves whether they are right where they are. They take the place they deserve. You can tell by their body language: usually, self-confident people gesticulate so expansively that you’d rather keep half a meter away. After all, the room belongs to them. So what?

they keep their composure

Maintaining posture is not just a question of the body. Self-confident people usually straighten up physically, but they also don’t hunch over in discussions. And even if everyone has a different opinion. With self-confidence, one’s own loyalty is enough.

they are not chameleons

While people with low self-esteem are constantly busy probing the situation and adapting, self-confident people are completely themselves. They are completely themselves in every situation. If that doesn’t suit others, that’s their problem.