5 Signs your crush is stalking you more than you think

Maybe the guy you like keeps looking at your profile just like you do his, pay attention to these signs that give him away!

Most of us girls are fans of stalking, that’s what the networks are for, right? One of our favorite activities when we like a guy is to dig into his social networks to learn more about him. Thanks to a post we can learn more about his tastes, hobbies and personal interests, but did you know that they also love to stalk the woman of their dreams? Maybe your crush is stalking your profile and you don’t know it, we tell you how to find out!

He is the first to see your stories

You upload a photo, boomerang or video to your Instagram stories and coincidentally he’s always one of the first to see it. If you’ve noticed this more than a few times, it’s possible that this guy is constantly monitoring your profile, he doesn’t want to miss anything you upload!

Gives you likes on old photos

You’re super entertained watching your favorite series when suddenly you get a super unexpected like from that beau. The strange thing is that he liked a post that’s been around for a while, which means he’s obviously stalking your entire profile, even the oldest photos!

He follows the same accounts as you

You decide to start following an amazing travel and restaurant account and soon after you realize that he also followed it, what a coincidence! He’s probably keeping an eye on the accounts and profiles you follow, he doesn’t want to miss anything you do on Instagram!

He knows things about you

Your crush knows things about you that you’ve never told him; he dominates what your likes, hobbies and interests are, and he even knows by heart who your family members and best friends are! That handsome guy even knows the name of your pet, it is evident that he has done a good job as a stalker.

He leaks likes

You’ve noticed that your crush does get into your profile because on more than one occasion he’s accidentally given you likes. The funniest thing is that he immediately tries to undo his mistake, so he deletes his ‘likes’ from your photo so you don’t notice that he was stalking you.