10 Things That Happen When You Are Very Tired

Lack of sleep, stress, chronic anxiety, seasonal depression, deficiency, the causes of fatigue can be numerous. The problem is that we often don’t realize it until we’re really exhausted, and then it becomes quite difficult to replenish our energy to chase away the fatigue for good.

Here are 10 things that happen when you’re exhausted that should convince you to take care of yourself at the first sign of fatigue:

You Feel Intense Physical And Muscular Fatigue

Pushing a shopping cart, carrying a pack of water or even standing up can become exhausting at the end of the day. If the slightest physical effort seems worthy of a marathon or an Olympic Games event, then you are certainly exhausted!

It’s Hard To Concentrate

If you reread the same line 3 times without remembering it, if you feel like you have a goldfish memory or if you have lost all concentration, it is high time to rest.

You Are Sleepy

Throughout the day, and not just after a big breakfast, all you want to do is sleep. Closing your eyes for a few seconds has become a real relief and you feel like you could fall asleep on the table with your head resting on your arms.

You Are Very Nervous

If you’re always nervous, can’t stand waiting and patience seems to be only for yoga teachers, it’s probably because of fatigue.

You Feel Overworked All The Time

The problem with fatigue is that when it is intense and you start to feel really exhausted, you never see the end of it.

You always feel overworked, you never do enough, one sleep in doesn’t recharge your batteries and you drain your energy gauge faster than you recharge it. Nothing seems to make us feel less tired.

We Are Discouraged

This chronic exhaustion can very quickly turn into burn out, which is the other name given to nervous fatigue.

This feeling that we get tired faster than we recharge lends itself to all areas of our life: whatever we do, we always have the impression that we never do enough, that we have to go faster and faster, and above all, that we can’t really keep up.

We Are Stressed

Lack of sleep leads to an increase in the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, which makes us feel tense in any situation. We are less and less able to manage our stress and everything can be a source of annoyance.

Everything Seems Difficult

Any sudden event, any change of program and even certain activities that we used to enjoy are experienced as a difficulty. We feel helpless because we know we are exhausted and often feel we are not up to the task.

This leads us to believe that we can’t cope with our responsibilities and daily tasks, and it can even make some activities that we love unpleasant since we no longer enjoy anything, but rather suffer stress and anxiety.

We No Longer Have Confidence In Ourselves

This intense fatigue, especially if it becomes chronic, leads us to think that we are no longer performing well.

We find it hard to concentrate, we feel discouraged all the time, we can’t finish our to-do lists, the things to do pile up while we feel more and more tired. We lose all confidence in ourselves.